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  1. queenofthefuzzybugs

    Scared of Reading Comments

    Please tell me I'm not the only one. Scribblehub isn't too bad. Usually people are commenting on the story itself or thanking for an update. But I post in Royalroad too and there :sweating_profusely: :sweating_profusely: :sweating_profusely: :sweating_profusely: :sweating_profusely: the...
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    Chapter release schedule: Do you follow one?

    Question 1: Do you follow a strict release schedule? It's all about chapter buffering. The bigger your chapter buffering, the easier it is to keep a schedule. When I've got a good amount chapters prewritten, I can easily keep to a strict schedule, when I don't I have to modify the schedule on...
  3. queenofthefuzzybugs

    Least Favorite but Common Tropes?

    I think that's my major issue with harems too. The guys don't have a personality worthy to attract 2+ hot chicks, much less one. Those chicks could legit walk down the street and pick up a better guy, one who won't flirt/sleep around with other women. Why settle for a mediocre guy who relegates...
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    Least Favorite but Common Tropes?

    Oh man, I totally agree with this one right here. I think the tag is called "slow romance" or something. I wouldn't mind the slow-burn but usually the translation is a chapter a week and they've only just reached chapter 20 out of 450 chapters. Basically, I won't get to the actual romance for...
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    Least Favorite but Common Tropes?

    Harems. May they burn in a pile of trash. :blob_catflip: Revenge because the host body was mistreated. Common trope in female protag transmigration stories. Host body is usually mistreated for being straight up dumb or so timid an aggressive rabbit might kill them. Just let it go, ya know? Let...
  6. queenofthefuzzybugs

    What would you name a snake?

    Mister Slithers. But I'd frequently refer to him as just "mister" so when I talked about him to people who didn't know he was a snake, it would confuse\alarm them.:blob_evil: If it was a female, it would be Miss Slithers. Obviously.
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    Stress Kills Creativity

    I envy this kind of positive thinking. :blob_aww:
  8. queenofthefuzzybugs

    Stress Kills Creativity

    I firmly believe this to be true. I'm going to use the anecdotal evidence of myself as an example. When I was younger, for some reason, I kept trying to motivate myself to be creative by a system of internal punishments. Basically, if I didn't do XYZ then I suck, I'm a failure, I'll never...
  9. queenofthefuzzybugs

    Have you ever had an idea you never made for one reason or another?

    I have a story that's been in various stages of development since I was twelve (keeping in mind I'm in my 30s now). When I think about it now, it's a pretty corny story premise: alien prince disguises himself to investigate corruption on a colony world made up of humans. Female lead bumps into...
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    How do you name your characters?

    I'm terrible at naming things. Like... really bad. So I have to cheat... a lot. For Western naming, or fantasy names, I just use a generator until I get a combination I like. When I first found that name generator I was like "THANK GOD, I'M SAVED". Because up until then I'd think up a name and...
  11. queenofthefuzzybugs

    Chapter titles... What is your opinion?

    I like chapter titles, especially clever or humorous ones. (In books they aren't necessary, but if done right they're amusing so I still like them.) Of course I'm not witty enough to think up really cool chapters titles so they end up being vaguely descriptive or hyper precise. But ultimately...
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    what is the best time to upload

    I wouldn't say there are a lot of them. I would say that, once a story hits a certain favorite-rating-view thresh hold, how often they post matters less. Basically, if for some reason you become popular you can afford to be lazy about chapter posting. But for new authors or those starting out on...
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    Why? What makes you want to write? What is your "Writer's Creed"?

    I write what I want to read. Sometimes it comes from a good place, where I think up a neat idea and want to see where it goes. Writing makes those ideas concrete, and then I can build on them, and expand on the initial idea. Eventually I'll get to the end, which gives me a sense of creative...
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    what is the best time to upload

    Consistent exposure is more important than when exactly you post. So, for instance, posting 3x a week will get you more readers than 1x a week. Posting 5x a week will get you more readers than 3x a week. The reason for this is your story usually hits the "New" section on the front page at least...
  15. queenofthefuzzybugs

    Introducing Your Works

    My husband always said I had no shame and it turned out he was right, lol.... Empress of Blue Flower Mountain COMPLETED - 8.5 Chapters Wuxia Lite // Romance // Slice-of-Life // Fantasy // Comedy Lite Emperor of Blue Flower Mountain IN PROGRESS - 48+ Chapters (2 Extras) Wuxia Lite // Romance...
  16. queenofthefuzzybugs

    Fanart for my own Story

    @Shizun LOL, I didn't think of that but now that you mention it..... I'm definitely not popular enough to get fanart, so I just draw everything myself. xD
  17. queenofthefuzzybugs

    Fanart for my own Story

    Wait, I think that qualifies as "original content" 😅 It totally surprised me to see how empty the Creations section was. Thought I ought to contribute! I'm not good at Wuxia/Asian Fantasy artwork, but I keep trying. As with any artwork, the more you practice, the better you get. So, as the...