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  1. Sabruness

    Writing Prompt Art of Tsun

    The Art of Tsun, written by Tsun Tzu (Sun Tzu's tsundere little sister). Lets see if someone can come up with a few articles of how to do the art of tsun. Kudos to @BenJepheneT for inspiring the brainwave behind this prompt idea.
  2. Sabruness

    Writing How to inform readers of worldbuilding without being infodumpy

    I have a story where some things need to be known by readers to avoid confusion but i cant take the path of having them learn through the characters learning because the information is, for the most part, common knowledge in-world. The only way i've thought of so far is to do a mock chapter...
  3. Sabruness

    Tips for writing fantasy

    I've got a fantasy style story i'm trying to get going but fantasy isnt my usual thing so i'm struggling to finalize the details of the world, culture etc. Fantasy writers, give me some tips for writing fantasy style stories
  4. Sabruness

    Chapter titles... What is your opinion?

    Fellow authors, what are your opinions on individual chapters having titles? I sometimes use them and i sometimes dont. As a side question: If you name chapters, do you name all of them or just some?
  5. Sabruness

    Kindle Unlimited Exclusivity: Reader opinions on it

    Title says it all. Discuss your views on the exclusivity rules and conditions required when authors publish with amazon kindle unlimited. Personally, i can understand if the author wants to make as much money as possible but i think it's a risk. As a reader, i'm not a fan of it as it makes...
  6. Sabruness

    Shattered Horizon Feedback and Thoughts thread.

    Having a feedback thread seemed like the thing to have so here it is. Dont know what else to say for now.