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  1. Rellawing

    No Face, No Life - Arrived! <3

    I realized it wasn't doing well here, and I had to wonder why. I read over it and decided the tense I'd experimented with when I wrote it just wasn't working as well as I'd hoped. I'm changing the tense from present to past, and I'm working on making it more engaging all-throughout, if I can...
  2. Rellawing

    Feature Request EPUB Format Generation

    Some people do prefer being able to download EPUBs so they can read on their cellphones, but I'd suggest limiting this function to members. Perhaps mark it as a member only feature. The upside is extra convenience for readers. The pitfall would be a decrease in statistics, so perhaps a...
  3. Rellawing

    Feature Request AJAX Page Loading For Page One

    I suggest using an AJAX method to allow people to scroll down infinitely on the first page. People will be able to find more stories that have been submitted recently. Maybe also add a convenient located link that leads people to a list of story pages that display them in the order in which...