Recommendations [18+] A lewd girls love novel with succubus protagonist


May 2, 2020
So for some reason my favorite type of monster are succubi, don’t ask why I don’t know either. But I hate it when male and female characters get together due to my own numerous issues. So that brings me here. I’m looking for a girls love novel with a succubus protagonist preferably a lewd one.

a few things to note
- format doesn’t matter, it can be web novel, light novel, regular novel, translated or original.
- platform is irrelevant
- it must be in English and I can read some pretty bad English so don’t worry to much about the translation quality worst case it’s to much and I don’t read it.
- no male/female content or male/male content.
- gender bender is allowed

Stuff I’ve read (favorites marked with an *)
- *reincarnated as part of the dungeons harem
- my succubus system
- succubus life in another world (would have preferred more nsfw content)