A 'Light Novel' Tag?


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Sep 30, 2019
That's more of a Japanese style of writing dialogue than anything. Authors usually also have the habit of putting specific styles to each character's way of speaking so as to make it easier for readers to discern who is the speaker. (Like, one character uses desune, another desuyo, another da, another da ze... And so on.)

... And well, since we don't have such easy to discern speech markers in English, there are often times in dialogues with 3+ characters that the speaker becomes confusing in fantranslations that don't add a "he/she said."

Translators sometimes stick to this style in order to give a similar reading experience, or they localize it by putting the usual speech denominators you expect in English novels.

Official translations tend to localize the speech to feel natural to English speakers, mind you, so... The dialogue you see is only present in fantranslations and in the original Japanese, really.
Actually after writing my other post, I've come across several romance books that did dialogue similar to this. There was still he said she said peppered throughout but there were large portions of the book that didn't have it. So it's not only a Japanese style of writing.

And what's wrong if it is a mostly japanese style of writing? People mimic the manga style and those books are still grouped with the manga in libraries and bookstores. Just because the style started in japan doesn't mean no one else can use/base their own work on it.

Isn't that how new things are created?


Jul 5, 2020
Honestly, considering that ScribbleHub comes and gets the majority of its audience from NovelUpdates, which is a platform to find translations of East Asian web novels or light novels. I think having the tag 'Light Novel' seems like a great idea so the readers or authors can distinguish which stories are similar to the way East Asian web novels are written (such as heavy dialogue and the genre's quirk for example), so although some people mention that there's already a term for it in English such as, 'Young Adult'. I still think adding the 'Light Novel' tag is reasonable due to ScribbleHub's unique audience.