Looking for Work Accepting Commissions For Next Week (Pre-Registers ig you can call it)


Aug 22, 2022
Once I'm over with these commissions this week, I'll have another set of commissions, whether it be book covers, OC designs, scenes, etc. I don't usually do background and colour but I can offer is a comic-styled art style.

If you heavily ask me to put a lot of hours into my work I can but the cost will be high around a few hundred dollars.

Art Style: Anime & Manga
Medium: Digital & Traditional

Multiple Pages of Character Design also would cost you hundreds.

Pricing starts from $40 minimum and progresses into the two category of (Fixed or Pay as you wish option) Payment methods : PayPal or Codashop in-game Recharges (Last mode I would accept if PayPal holds my payments)

Delivery time can range from 3-7 days depending on how many hours I have free every day.

I usually finish a piece in a few hours after the initial sketch but if the commission requires a steady approach it can extend up to 2 weeks.

The commissions assigned after this post will be started on the 19th of September and finish time would be around 26th or 27th September, it can be faster if I get extra hours to work on.

Contact me simply msg me on discord or ask someone in Scribble Hub Discord to ping me.

My discord: Takabe#0461
Current Week slots : 1/5 (I'm ignoring 2 slots right now cause they are booked for end of the month, it's actually 3/5)



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