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Aug 26, 2020
Um, I’ve seen mention of it a couple times, and looked through community games (though I’m really really dense sometimes), where’s the AGSA library thread?
Library is on a different site


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Dec 24, 2018
The Encroaching Darkness, Second Verse

Glass roses mark the untended grave
Withering plants the sanctuary hide
Rays of dawn not the guardians crave
Begone, o perilous tide

You know how they say that animals are especially receptive towards danger? A natural disaster, a predator or a rival in the food chain; one would do well not to underestimate the bestial instinct which facilitates survival.

No birds flew from the direction of Cimon's Hollow that morning, nor did any other skyborne creature. That region of airspace sunk into uneasy silence, much like the atmosphere of the Hollow itself - just on a far wider scale. By the time the neighboring islands had taken notice, it was already too late to stop what'd been set into motion.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

The island trembled under successive quakes, sending shockwaves through the air, and the tallest landform in the Hollow - a small hill - cracked before promptly shattering. That patch of surrounding sky slowly took on a bloody hue.

lä, lä, lä.

As the prayers slowly grew louder, the fragments of earth and stone started assembling, piling up and jutting out sharply at the peak - a multi-colored spire thrumming with sinister light.


Though the chanting had not lessened in volume, a steady humming started resonating from the spire, drowning out everything else in the vicinity.

Thousands of miles away, a certain person glanced in the direction of Cimon's Hollow.

"Oh, f*ck."

OC - ???
Location - Cimon's Hollow Sleepy Hollow to drop a hint for this? :sweating_profusely: