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Dec 23, 2018
I see... Tough I gotta say the number of the page kinda overwhelm me:sweating_profusely:
Reading all of it is not a requirement at all. If you are in doubt about something, you can ask here and people will probably answer to the best of their abilities, but otherwise you can 100% play as you like even without reading a single page from beforehand~


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Mar 14, 2021
Journey To: The Edge of Terra Nova

An Expedition to the Edge of Terra Nova
  • Goddess Loviatar
  • Terra Nova
  • Willing to be supervised by a Goddess
  • Capable of defending oneself(Common sense)
  • Travel as far as possible from the Archipelago and report your findings

  • Mark any landmarks and important locations with the provided item

  • Establish contact with natives around the World and use their resources to find out more about Terra Nova
I'm sponsoring an expedition to the edge of Terra Nova in an attempt to document the many locations of this world for the use of the people of the Archipelago.

When taking this request, you can go any direction you want. The Marking Talisman blessed by myself will be given to everyone who accepts this request. I will know when it is taken. Instructions will be transmitted mentally when you receive the Talisman.

I will be sponsoring a separate convoy of merchants, journeymen, map makers, etc. to travel East, and anyone who accepts this request is welcome to join and leave said convoy at will, though this is not required. The Marking Talisman also allows teleportation to the convoy and back to where it was used.

If you find undocumented civilizations, searching through their libraries and using their resources to discover more about Terra Nova will still count towards this request.

Help your peers learn more about the new world you find yourself on.
  • Blessed Talisman that allows up to a total of 2 hectares of unoccupied land(I'll know) to be claimed and placed under the divine protection of Loviatar for 6 months, granting the user a grace period to build on the territory, and allows teleportation to the plot of land(Teleportation is limited to the owner, no passengers).

    Using the Talisman for malicious reasons will result in punishment. Punishment is left to the discretion of Loviatar.

    Bonded to one owner, and any attempt of transfer of ownership will result in the destruction of the Talisman and removal of divine protection.

    Will create a barrier around the designated area that can only be entered by the owner and whoever he/she allows, and will automatically disappear after 6 months, along with the Talisman.

  • Varying monetary rewards depending on the quality and quantity of provided information. Minimum 3 gold coins.
Remember: I am watching.
Accepting this quest means you agree to the prerequisite terms and are willing to be under a divine contract.
Cool quest, but I do wonder how are you and the Goddess going to bypass the language barrier? :blob_hmm_two:
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