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Mar 2, 2020
Rescue Those Poor Souls!​
  • Sponsor: Adventure's Guild
  • Location: Slime Rock (Aerelieth)
  • Prerequisites: Can Provide Transportation for a Party of 6 or more

  • Locate and rescue the stranded adventurers on Slime Rock
"Please, can someone get us off this place? There is so much slime here, and I want a shower!"
- Send by Adventurer Luna's Butterfly -

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Stalking the Lion
  • Sponsor: Sinică Roșu Dalca
  • Location: Vasilea Island
  • Prerequisites: Classified mission, required knowledge in noble etiquette and dutiful discretion.

  • Investigate the White Lion of Vasilești
  • Must be conducted without raising suspicion.
Since the successor of the house of Vasilești took power, the old rivalry between it and the Zarăscu has been put into an awkwardly suspicious truce. While the young master of the house Nicușor Vasilești has been shielding the young Lady of Zarăscu criticism from his vassals, one can only wonder what would lead to such a sudden change of heart. A private request for investigation has been commissioned by a certain man by the name of Sinică Roșu Dalca in order to investigate the reasons behind the recent coy attitude of the young lion of Vasilești.

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Orz got two quests I want to do but I can't be bothered writing her getting rescued.


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Dec 24, 2018
Just a bit more...oh gods, I haven't even written about footwork yet because the sources have jack shit on them...

That being said... @GodlyKamui , got a good Spanish name for a sword style or something?

THe more I write the more I'm realising that while it's inspired by the Old School of Iberian Fencing, it isn't exactly it, since I was very selective with what interpretations to put to text and what to leave out (lack of understanding and/or words), so might as well make it fantasy by giving it a cool name...