Looking for Work (Artist for hire) Open Commission.


Dec 4, 2023
Hey! thorkell_40k here. I'm an anime illustrator. Been drawing for web novel authors for almost 3 years now. And I wanna extend my services to the people in the forums and servers as well. Also do character designs, illustration,book covers, fan art, oc, a little Gore etc. I draw almost anything, if I have a clear definition of the type of character you are is looking for whether it is doable or not😁 well, not anything I guess. I don't draw nsfw, bl,gl lgbt stuffs etc.
I give very reasonable prices after hearing your commission out.pricing starts from 50$.
You can DM me here in scribble hub itself.
For more inquiries about terms of service and pricing or pretty much commissioning me come straight ahead🙂.
Here r some of my previous works.

Fanart anime.

Fanart Diana. Novel character.
Does the offer still stand?