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Feb 7, 2019
This is where our story truly begins.

[The God of the Realm is sad.]

Why are you sad now? I didn’t even make fun of Ziph that much this chapter.

[The God of the Realm is already out of popcorn.]

I swear you are just as bad as Ziph.


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Mar 24, 2019
"Woman, what is my name?"

"You are child. You are my son."

"But what is name of me?"

"You are you and I am I. No need to complicate."


The mother's words were so profound I felt my head explode with enlightenment.


May 26, 2019
This part is from my hidden unpublished project. I'm only doing a copy and paste the first lines here

- - - - -

Leaders, how do I find them good and bad?

Was it the system itself that makes them good or bad?

Was it the relations and connections from well-known individuals coming from various fields that sprung them to power – the name recalling which in my opinion can be a double-edged blade because of what remained was the competence and wits for public servants?

These questions, they’re like chicken vs egg because those questions if you connect them to the development of your country, is like saying individual vs the governing system itself which was reformist debate and question for my Inang Bayan, 100 years ago before it became it what it is today – a world superpower.

But still, I am not interested in a stupid game called real-life politics because of Intellectual Yet Idiot category people would attempt to block helpful and meaningful laws like what happened 100 years ago.

- - - -

From a project, "Codename: Project Overlord" (not the title) Prologue


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Jul 2, 2019
“Am I interrupting?” she asked, a small smirk forming in the corners of her mouth, though not quite.

Bram snorted.

“Not really. Was just complaining to myself about how I was underpaid by a bastard, and that now I’m broke. I can talk loud enough for your friends to hear if you’d all like to be informed of my problems?” Bram asked, eyebrows raised in mock sincerity.

The woman shook her heard, likely at his poor attempt at humor and amusement.

“My name is Chania. I was born in Graecia but I’m Gaterran by blood. And you?” the woman asked.

“My name is Bram, I was born when my father had this twinkle in his eye, and my mother believed it was only for that one night” Bram said, biting down on more stew softened bread, enjoying the momentary look on the woman Chania’s face that was a conflicted mixture of confusion and amusement.

When the awkward silence that he had purposely created stretched, he couldn’t help but grin.

“Don’t worry about it Chania. Oh, quick question?”.

Chania frowned but gestured for him to continue.

“What is the best thing to do when you have a hole in the boat and water is leaking inside?”.

“Are you on a river, ocean, or lake?” she asked, her expression serious enough that he almost choked on his food, especially since he was clearly bullshitting her.

Does it matter where? Huh. She has me thinking now.

“Ocean I guess”.

Her frown returned and even deeper now.

“Pray to the Divine Trinity that the end comes swiftly” and to that Bram set his wooden spoon down and gave the woman a level look.

Damn that was dark.

“Nope. Just make another hole to drain the water”.

“I’m confused. Wouldn’t that just accelerate the growth of the problem at hand?” Chania asked, confusion and impatience in her tone.

She was about to add something else when a look of realization formed on her face and she scowled lightly at him and then Bram could tell she was amused.

“You’re not as funny as you believe” was all she said and Bram just shrugged.

“No one is funny until someone else thinks they are”.

“Trying to be witty now?”.

“Today was once tomorrow, and tomorrow will soon be today” Bram added, a full-on grin plastered on his face now and Chania only sighed, casting a glance back towards the table with the others she had been eating with.


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Jan 22, 2019
Lol this is a fun idea!

"Alright, I was wrong, I'm sorry..." She had to admit, she was surprised they cared so much.

"This is why you shouldn't be such a weakling," Wu Yelin sighed. "Let's start training after this mission's over. Big sis will let you advance for sure, even if it took you a decade to reach a measly fourth rank!"

"That's no use if she doesn't have the brains to match her powers," Li Hanlan scoffed. "Tie a rope to her ankle and loop the other end around the beast; she can act as a human anchor to keep him in place tonight."

"Brother Li, that won't do! Lei Lei's far from being heavy enough!"

"Junior sister, you only say that because you've never seen her eat."


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Aug 18, 2019
”The weather is beautiful” Ed said softly. ”It would be nice to go to the cinema again once.”
”We will, okay?” Envy whispered gently as he placed a kiss on Ed's head. ”That new movie you wanted to watch so much will be shown next month. After that we'll go to your favourite restaurant where you can eat as much beef-stake you like. I don't get why you like beef so much, but I don't care. After the restaurant we take a walk in the park, since we went there so long ago. Maybe we even meet some old pals too, for example with Mustang's grand-daughter, or...”
”So you already planned the whole day, didn't you?” Ed laughted softly. ”So I can't say nothing?”
”No!” the homonculus said. ”You should rest a lot to be able to come with me. I alread bought the train tickets too. You know, this new system is wonderful. I learn it too, but I'm glad that your baby brother's grand-daughter Wendy is working at the station so she helped me. It's strange she didn't became an alchemist or an automail-mechanic.”

Passing away (Fullmetal Alchemist short-story)

The story is not yet uploaded here. And sorry for my grammar mistakes but English isn't my native language.