Writing Prompt Do you know who I am? You're courting death!


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May 2, 2019
A police officer pulls over an intoxicated cultivator.


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Jan 3, 2019
Officer Ryo was on his normal night route.
Nothing seemed to happen this night usually, there'd be a car crash or someone speeding, but today everything seemed calm.
Today was a special day after all, and Ryo does appreciate the load off.
Just Ryo was thinking about all the things he going to do once he gets off work, he notices something!
A drunk driver, it was pretty obvious from all the swarving.
Ryo rolled his eyes and turned on his siren.
"Well it's still way less than I usually do, so I can't really compline..."
Ryo talks to nobody.
It's a habit he got from the time with his partner.
Ryo stares at the seat next to him, a wrapped box on top of it.
Ryo pulls back a tear.
He has to move on.
The car in front of him slowly stops.
Ryo let's out a breath of relief.
He had to deal with some drunk drivers who watched too many fast and the furious movies before.
Ryo steps out of his car and makes his way to the drunk driver.
He's driving a very fancy BMW, it even appears to be custom made.
....Rich guy.......Ryo let's out a sigh.
He'll just give him a warning and have him call one those expensive cabs the come with champagne.
Dealing with these kinds of guys is more hassle than it's worth.
Plus Ryo is in a pretty good mood today.
He's finally going to see his daughter.
He hadn't really had a chance too.
Visiting hours are always during his work time.
Just as Ryo is about to nock at the window.
The car door opens!
And man practically jumps out!
Ryo, not one to be left out and jumps back as well.
He examines the drunk man.
They're wearing a disheveled suit that still looks pretty expensive.
Their face looks pretty average though and being drunk doesn't really help.
"Sir! I'm going to need to see your license and registration please!"
The drunk is screaming.
Oh god! Ryo thinks he has to deal with this now.
Ryo swears if this takes any time from daughter!
"Do you know who I am? You're courting death!"
Ryo gets confused by this.
His confusion gets cut brutally short by a fist jamming its self into his stomach!
His internal organs explode on impact!
Ryos falls to the ground and get's into the fetal position.
"HA! don't worry I held back! but this should be a valuable lesson for you!"
The man jumps into his car and drives away.
Ryo doesn't see that happen though.
Everything turned back.
As Ryo life flashes before his eyes.
Out of all the regrets in his life, only one stuck its self into his now still heart.
"I wish I could have given my daughter her birthday present"
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Feb 2, 2019
"Do you know who I am? You're courting Death!"
"Yes, I do... But even so!"

In a still burning wreckage of a car, the blood-soaked boy shouted out his heart—to the personification of his demise, the face of all lives' ends, and the [Reaper] who has come to guide his soul to the afterlife.

"I really like you, please be my girlfriend!"

In the short silence, Death recalled the words of her senior that she had initially dismissed as superfluous nonsense, and sighed.

"Humans are really weird, sometimes..."


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Jan 19, 2019
”Do you know who I am? You’re courting death!”
”Sir, please step out of the vehicle and show me your license.” I said, suppressing a sigh.
”Heh... he he he he.....” the man laughed arrogantly, sending me a disgusting grin as he moved his gaze towards places of me he had no business looking at. ”You know, you don’t look half bad, for a copper bitch. How about it - I’ll forgive you for wasting my time on your feeble mortal laws, and I’ll even show you a brand new world far beyond your widest imagination.~ How about it sweetheart?”
”Please step out of your vehicle and show me your license, sir.”
”Feh. You’re no fun.” He said and waved his hand through the window, and then leaped out of the vehicle, as gracefully as a pouncing tiger. Quite impressive for someone who wasn’t able to drive straight. Then he grinned at me, a toothy, arrogant smile, drunk with the illusion that he was powerful. People like him showed up all the time - thinking they could boss me around because I was a woman. This shit never happened to my male collegues. I sighed for real this time.

”If you’re gonna blame someone, blame your poor fortune for seeing my face today.” he said and then, almost too quick to be seen, he threw a punch straight into my stomach. The shockwaves rippled through my bones, through my teeth. I spit blood, and collapsed, hanging from his fist. ”Ain’t personal..” he said, coldly. ”But your flimsy mortal speeding laws... it’s laughable to think you could control me.”

I spit the mouthful of blood on the asphalt, and... then I kicked him in the tards. He sunk to the ground with a surprised groan.
”What...? H-h-h-how???? You... should be dead... how could... a common mortal... possibly hurt me??? I’m a level five cultivator...!”
”Get used to it, you pathetic fucking upstart.” I said and fished a pair of handcuffs out of my pocket. ”If you’d just shown me your cultivators license, I would’ve let you go with a warning for recklessly endangering mortal lives. But you just had to go and try to kill someone thinking they were a mortal for the sake of minor convenience, in violation of international cultivator law? You’re in big trouble, mister.”


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Apr 16, 2019
"Do you know who I am? You're courting death!" The man drunkenly slurred. He opened the car door and stood up smoothing out his robes. He started to make hand seals rapidly.

Officer Kent was a twenty year vet with the highway patrol, but this was the first time he had ever encountered such a strange driver. He frowned and then said in a commanding calm voice, "Sir, I need you to walk along this line one foot in front of the other." He demonstrated as the drunken man continued to make hand seals. Officer Kent started to feel annoyed, but he knew he had to control the situation and make sure he hadn't violated any of the man's rights. He sighed and stated again, "Sir, are you able to walk this line?"

The drunken man bellowed out, "You cretin, I am the sect master for the Flaming Dragon Sect, do you think walking a line is a task too difficult for one who has reached the ninth layer of the forging spirit realm!" He walked forward almost crashing to the ground forcing Officer Kent rush up and catch him. The drunken man then lashed out with a palm strike against Officer Kent's chest. The drunken man cackled excitedly and roared, "Taste the power of my Tiger Roaring at the Monkey palm technique." The Drunken man follow that up with a ridiculously wild uppercut as he called out, "Phoenix rises to the heavens!"

Officer Kent felt more than a little annoyed. He didn't want to charge the man with the felony for assault and battery to go along with the DUI, but this drunk was rapidly burning through his last bit of patience. Finally, he just calmly said, "Mr. Jennings, I need you to put your hands on the roof of the car and spread your legs a shoulders width apart. I am placing you under arrest for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol." He grabbed the drunken man and placed him in handcuffs before placing him in the back of his cruiser.

From the back of the car the drunken man yelled loudly, "You can't possibly be moving after taking my Phoenix rises to the heavens fist!"

Officer Kent rubbed his temples and shook his head, then he walked back to the drunken man's car and bent down looking in the window, "Have any of you not been drinking tonight and have a license to drive?"

One of the girls in the back seat who looked completely embarrassed said, "I'm sorry, we went to our LARP after party, we knew he shouldn't be driving, but he got angry when we said he shouldn't drive. We never should have gotten in the car with him. Aiden is not usually like this..."

Another one of the other girls said, "None of us can drive, Aiden was the only one who had a license."
Jan 15, 2019
"Do you know who I am? You're courting death!"

"Forgive me, but who are you sir?"

"Your grandfather!"

"Ahem...so, grandfather. I'm just doing a safety check, don't wanna see some monkey business..."

"Screw your mother."

"Yes, yes. She's lonely tonight, want to come, grandfather?"

"Screw your sister!"

"Her husband's dead, so it's fine--I guess."
Both the officer and cultivator end up screwing the Mother and Sister.