Don't starve in an isekai world [RPG]


Jan 1, 2019
A magitech, human nanomancer of a futuristic Earth... now turned NPC.​

Because he had a dead body to deal with, Glitch had to postpone his plans of making a corral for a short amount of time. That being so, he ignored the glare of his friendly sheep, and promptly started to skin the boar.

"Hurgh... Why don't they give us a loot option? A NPC's life is really hard!" His annoyed tone and ramblings echoed during the whole process as he managed to get his hands in a low-quality, damaged piece of boar (orc) hide, a two to three kilograms of boar (orc) meat, two sharp fangs and a 4~5 sturdy bones. He really didn't know what he would be doing with everything, but, hoppefully, someone could but those things into use.

Grinning like a fool, he went around the spawn point - a.k.a. the village - and used his axe to cut a resistant piece of bark. In the process, he also picked up a fairly thick and strong stick. Back to where his bonfire was, he used a stone to write upon the bark.
"Quest 1# -
Mission: Get me a Wild Chicken!
Reward: low-quality boar hide
1 sharp fang (tusk)
2 sturdy bones."
Satisfied with his messy writing, he bound the square-shaped tree bark into the sturdy stick, dug a bit on the ground with his hands and look and behold - there was a quest board! Now, he felt like he was doing his job as an NPC properly!

After admiring his work for a bit, he sat by the side of the bonfire once more. Hopefully, when he got a whole farm, he would be able to give better quests. But with that out of his mind, he decided to show absolutely respect to anyone who accepted the quest. After all, who knows? Maybe there were truly players. The memories implanted on his brain told him that there no short amount of players that loved to kill NPCs... he had to take care with that.

After taking some pieces of meat, he put them on sticks that could be found all around. Then, after cooking them, he ate and laid down to rest. Tomorrow would also be a busy day, but a NPC knew no tiredness!

1 wild Sheep named 'the Destroyer'
1 baby bird
1 bonfire
3 eggs.

1 Quest Board
1 rudimentary wooden with a sharp, stone spearhead.
1 rudimentary axe (stone+wood)
1 rudimentary knife.
1 grass bag.
5~6 fish bone needles.
Stinging Neetle – enough for ~23 meters of rope
Low-quality, damaged boar (orc) hide
2~2.5 kg of raw boar (orc) meat
2 sharp fangs (tusks?)
4~5 sturdy boar (orc) bones​
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Nov 27, 2020
Fenton woke up, and was beginning a sort of routine, Wake up do a terrain check, collect the things he thought he would need, check to see if his trap caught anything.
His trap did in fact catch a squirrel, and he silently killed it and bloodlet it against a tree a little distance away from his leaf house. Fenton had decided to skin the squirrel, and very soon had an addition to his drying rack. With 1 small piece of meat, 1 thin tendon, and a small tattered pelt added to his supplies.

Fention went to work making a small pouch using the Rabbits Pelt and the Squirrels Tendon to make a Small Pouch, in which he filled with all of his Small Stones and the pouch sat next to his Slingshot on his belt. As he was technically armed and as well had magic on his side he decided to check out the village and see if he could talk with the people there.

As the squirrels pelt was on the drying rack to be used as leather, Fenton picked it up and wrote on it with a charred twig that was in the now-dead campfire.

Looking to Trade.

Was all he wrote on it and carried it rolled up on his belt. He walked to the so-called village noting a sign indicating some sort of "Quest" He was able to read it, so it mean't they didn't have different languages thankfully. Once he was near the center of the so-called village, it was a bit chaotic to look at.

There was a sheep that was just roaming around. A Dryad who looked sleep deprived watching the sheep holding a sharpened stick. A small bird that was chirping somewhere. He noticed a bunch of items just sitting right next to the bonfire and figured it was the... trash? things people didn't need? He wandered over to it to see if there was anything useful.

A bunch of sticks both broken and dry long ones, A bunch of broken bones, a dull sharpening stone by the looks of it, A mold for bricks and a bunch of mostly dry bricks, A kiln or what he assumed be a kiln could be a furnace, another brick mold, and a bowdrill for fires must be how they light the bonfire each day.

He didn't take anything other then the whetstone in which he began to sharpen all of his tools after staking a stick inn the ground and placing a sign for trade down. Hopefully someone would come to trade with him, because he had what most people needed the most at this moment.

1 Empty bowl
17 Logs
Bed of Leaves
1 Long Branches
Unlit Torch
Simple Box Trap

Various Bone Shards
1 Piece of Slightly Burnt Meat
2 Pieces of Dried Meat
2 Cooked Fishes
1 Fish Needle
1 Tendon
1 Small Pelt Sign
2 Empty Bowls

Simple Axe
Simple Pick
Bone Knife
Simple Slingshot
Ammo Bag (15 Small Stones)

Services - Hunting
Food - Cooked/Dried Meat


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May 1, 2020
Name: Zil
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Origin: random barbarian tribe in a different fantasy world.
Profession: Hunter
In the past Zil wanted to become a warrior, but he wasn't accepted, because he was a weakling(compared to the others).
So he become a hunter instead.

Upon entering this world Zil lost his superhuman strength because some of the properties in the air here are poisonous to him.

Zil appears like a tall and muscular human looking man(though he is now not stronger than the ordinary villager) with hide and leather clothes that are lighter than they appear(still to heavy for him now).

After Zil appeared in his new unknown surroundings he started to observe the animals, beasts as well as other lifeforms that roam around this forest from a safe distance with his now restricted agility.
The other intelligent lifeforms seem to also not belong to this place.

Next Zil started to search for water while noting what other lifeforms have gone in a similar direction.
On his way Zil eats some of the berries that he had seen other lifeforms have eaten.

For the night Zil has gone to sleep inside a hollow tree.

!roll 1,20

One and a half pages appeared far larger on paper.


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Apr 1, 2019
SHF Dice Roller

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Jan 1, 2019
Looks like fun. My character will be called Gen. He is a brown-haired gnome having nothing but the clothes on his back.


Gen found himself in an unfamiliar forest. He could see other races living in a makeshift village near the outskirts of the forest. When Gen approached the village, a dryad welcomed him and informed him their current situation. After understanding what was going on, Gen decided to head into the forest and gather some supplies in order to help out.

Before Gen was magically transported to this new world, he was a hermit who had some experience living within a forest. Gen looked past the treetops and figured that it was at least midday. He needed to gather some supplies as well as some food if he wanted to survive. Gen walked about aimlessly while keeping the village somewhat in sight. After about an hour of walking and gathering, Gen managed to scavenge 12 long pieces of grass and 20 long twigs.

Gen carefully took the 12 pieces of grass and braided them into a simple but sturdy rope, which he then used to bundle the twigs together. Next, he searched around the ground and found 5 mushrooms, 1 poisonous mushroom, 10 acorns, and 3 beetles. The three beetles and ten acorns were a good source of protein while the edible mushrooms were rich in fiber. The meal was scarce but it was barely enough for a small figure like Gen.

As the sun sank past the horizon, Gen gathered 5 more long twigs and 3 smooth, fist-sized stones as well as 3 more poisonous mushrooms. With a lot of things to carry, Gen headed back to the village to store his items and rest.


Shared to Village:
5 long twigs
3 smooth, fist-sized stones

Gen's Personal Inventory:
20 long twigs
1 simple rope
4 poisonous mushrooms


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May 1, 2020

"What a strange place, from how I feel after the first day food seems to be more important than water." said Zil to himself while making an improvised trap out of berries, sticks, grass and a hole that he dug. "Hopefully there's someone in that village who can cook but today I have to eat berries again." After Zil finished his trap he hid himself nearby and ate some berries and waited for prey. It didn't take long for a rabbit to get caught. He made a couple more traps and made his way to the village with four rabbits.

Shared to Village:
4 rabbits

Still no personal inventory


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Jan 2, 2021
A moving angel statue

Sky have a usual routine of monitoring the village but this day is different.

"More weirdos" remarked the weirdo as he noticed two more people.

He wasn't sure how people could pop out of nowhere and he knows there are no paths that leads outside the village which made him wonder, do the children turn to adult immediately? He definitely didn't saw women at this village, though there are two potential candidates for that; Him and the dryad.

Though they can look girly, they definitely aren't. The dryad is androgynous and he is a man inside a golem. That made him worry that at this point the village will be filled with men, dryad and him as the only one with girly looks.

During that time, he also saw the signs they put up which he recognized. He became worried that they know 'weeping angels' and beat the sh*t out of him if they saw him but still he wants to know what their reaction.

He completed firing all the stuff as he wondered about all this. He remembered he needs food and saw someone hunted an orc so he tested his luck.

Weirdly enough, he found and hunted one easily. And he found out he caught a big one. He processed the orc and broke his knife in the process. With how easy he found an orc a thought occured to him that there is an orc settlement. But he removed it out of mind as the village has no way to defend against them.

Before the day ended, he assembled his replica. He processed the shells to lime and created plaster to coat the statue. The thing has a stone coat now. The process resulted in a look-alike with a lighter shade than him.

After that is testing time. He put the statue near the village and tested how they would react.

"Rock shelter"
Found in the forest near the village. Camouflaged but has a chance to be found if actively searched.
-can shelter one person
+5 Blackberries fermented in waterskin
+1 Bone needle
+Small bag
+Clay pot with resin
+Atlatl with hardened wooden spear
+Long-lasting torch(Unlit)
+Ceramic pot
+Ceramic knife
+3(serving) Smoked orc meat
+3 Orc bones
+2 Sharp tusk
+Orc tendon
+1 Large Orc hide

-hide is big resulting in him needing another day to tan it

+Crude whetstone
+Ugly smoking rack
+Bonemeal (3)
- bonemeal left at the farm
+Brick mold
+Sky's replica
-A beautiful stone angel statue appeared in the vicinity of village. No one knows how it got there.