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May 2, 2021
(Torn Asunder, Translated to Nyeko Nya~)
Torn nyasunder, divided by hatred nyonce more.
Nya blunder nyof nyour species, nyanimosity to nye core.
We look nyon to nyour loved nyonyes nyand nyour brethren,
But with such nyabhorrence, how do we reach heaven nya~?

Torn nyasunder, by nye way nyof nyinsults nyand curses.
This nyis nye result nyof nyour betters who coerce us.
Wrapped nyaround nya spindle, so we nyare led.
Flamewns nyof revolution dwindle by nye lies we nyare fed.

Torn nyasunder, we look nyon nyat nye chaos nyof nyinyaction.
Like nya nyan nyof sardinyes we nyare nyall packed nyin.
This system we call “humyanity’s nyature”.
This nyis nyall nya prelude, nyor so nyi’d wager.

Torn nyasunder, we reach nye great divide.
Nyideologies that do mewot fit, nyand so they collide.
Torn nyasunder, nyas they nyare pulled nyapart.
This nyis nye blunder nyof nye humyan heart.

Tried to make this a rap song.
Awww so cute- whose a cyuuute wiwwle bat?
I mean I'll loot your castle after I roll it flat
"Roar", I say, as I make scary gestures
For to this day you are nothing but a jester
Queens? Kings? Trumps? Jokers?
Do you think we're here playing poker?
Like ranks mean shit to evil witches
Kingdoms turn to meat when my stomach itches
You wanna lay me inside a coffin? Or put it me in a tomb?
For a vampire you're nothing I've ever known.
To start with an innuendo of all things
It's harassment friend, that's what it means.
But I'm not into kids, even when they're undead
So I'll close your lid and fill you with led

https://app.suno.ai/song/4d2b5bd9-a70a-49d6-bf4a-4cce4c17bc6c (Got TH to sing this one for us)
In the darkness of the night, she roams with glee
A vampire girl with a love for poetry!
In a moonlit library, she's often found
With a stack of poems, she'll astound.

Her eyes aglow, like stars in the sky
With each verse she reads, she can't help but sigh.
For her laughter is contagious, like a joyful spell
Even the shadows can't help but swell.

In rhyming couplets, she finds delight
Her laughter echoing throughout the night.
When the moon is high, she takes her flight
With a quill in hand, ready to write.

Her verses tell tales of love and despair
Of heartbreak and longing, she's well aware.
But don't be afraid, for she's not out to bite
Her words bring comfort in the darkest night.

So if you meet her in the shadows tonight
Just know she's a poet with a heart that's light!
https://app.suno.ai/song/c9c17956-ab59-481b-97aa-ac87b246cb4b (this one seemed like it might have made a good sea shanty)
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Apr 13, 2022


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Feb 13, 2019


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Sep 25, 2023

Tried to make this a rap song.

https://app.suno.ai/song/4d2b5bd9-a70a-49d6-bf4a-4cce4c17bc6c (Got TH to sing this one for us)

https://app.suno.ai/song/c9c17956-ab59-481b-97aa-ac87b246cb4b (this one seemed like it might have made a good sea shanty)
Lessons Unlearned

Barely holding back the fury's tide,
I swallow hard, consume it, let it slide.
But they, in folly, cannot understand,
I could explain, but youth holds their hand.

I could teach, yet lessons are learned in flame,
Only through pain do they recall their name.
Only by wandering, lost in the night,
Stumbling, falling, in their plight.

So, I restrain my wrath and merely gaze,
I gave them a chance, in their youthful daze.
But it went unclaimed, like a whisper in the wind,
A lesson unlearned, a start unbegin.
@melchi I f*cking love dis AI 🤩 Thank you
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Oct 1, 2020
I saw a cat today,
It was lounging by the sunlight.
A fur so fluffy I ached to try,
to put my hands in my free time.

But as soon as I get close,
it fled so quick and fast,
A wound in me was done,
to a creature so sweet was I so bad?

"He does that to anyone"
Said my friend who saw me there,
"Not even me he lets do that"
So instead of petting his cat, I pet his head.

What a great day!
Though I petted a puppy and not a cat.