Writing Prompt Five people have gone missing, the police can’t find anything. You, a private investigator, were hired to find them. Your first clue is in a cemetery.


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May 8, 2021
1) Pretend to be a distant relative and ask for information about the area and missing people, then run background check and legwork on people and whole area; research any old cases from police stations regarding missing people and bizarre deaths
2) Play straight as detective and ask for same information as 1)
3) Observe the person before engaging in conversation regarding stuffs and running background checks on cemetery, area, missing people, the person, and old case files, and strange cases with hospital and etc.
4) Background checks on missing people and relative in the areas and the other locations, research urban legends, and sneak out at a night to go tomb raiding with shovel to check for bodies. (ONLY for last effort when all else fails)


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Jul 1, 2019
Each of those who have gone missing had visited this cemetery four times within a week before vanishing. You visit the cemetery, at noon, and find a person paying respect to a grave. What do you do next?
After I noticed the guy who standing alone in front of a tombstone I proceed to check, or at least pretending to check all the tombstone around him. after that I casually approaching the guy and standing by his side.
the guy of course noticed me and turn his head around to my direction, to which I gives my greeting afterwards

"Good afternoon Sir, my name is Elijah Hubert. do you mind if i check the name at the tombstone?"

"uh? sure, i don't mind" gawked him

"Thank you very much....... Yep, this isn't the person I'm looking for. I'm totally interrupting your reunion for nothing here. Sorry about that."

"No no no, it's okay, but you seems to be looking for something. is there's anything i can help?"

Alright! I cheered in my head, this guy seems to be a gullible person which makes things to be lots easier, I honestly don't think this guy would provide much clues for my investigation. but let's not leave any stone unturned.

"I thank you for your kind offer, but I really don't want to disturb you more than i already are. it's just you see. I had this client who I worked for for a while, I already finished my job to report and asking for my payment. but quelle surprise that when I tried to reach them, I heard the news of them passing."


"Well, but I kinda had a trust issue so I didn't believe it when they said my client is gone, so I do more investigation to which ends me here looking for a certain gravestone"

"So I assume that you're checking the name of the tombstone around here to confirm whether that client of yours really dead or just run away?"

"Yes, and no. this story is very bizarre and I'm sure you wouldn't believe me. but please hear me out. apparently I found out that this client of mine had 5 different ID card and been using all 5 of them actively. yes, my client been using 5 different identity for their daily transaction the whole time and actually getting away with it."

"No way!"

"That's what I thought too at first, there's no way someone could pull that off, so I got curious and start to looking out more for this client of mine to which i ended here. I mean, I'm currently a free agent anyway so I don't have any works to do. I'll just drop it when i got another clients"

"What is your job again?"

"a private eye, i accept request in gathering intel, finding a missing person, or missing items. I specialized in finding a missing items, incidentally this client of mine are looking for a certain shady book- oh please forget that i said that, I'm not supposed to disclose that information"

the guy paused for a bit after I said that, then proceed to ask

"ah, okay then. that's a fun job you had over there. may I know the name of that client of yours? i might now them"

"but of course!" and then i proceed to tell the name of the 5 missing person orderly from the first missing person to the last one.

"ahh I apologized, I don't think i ever heard any of that name before" answered him after I'm done reciting the names.

"Please don't worry about it. it's far more common for you to didn't know anything about a person with five identities. so I think I'll excuse myself here, this is the last tombstone i checked in the area so I'll just call it a day for now. once again I'm sorry for bothering you, regards to whoever in that tombstone you're facing at."

"No, it's my pleasure. I hope you find them"

"Thank you very much, if you have an acquaintance that requires my services just tell them to look up my name, it's Elijah Hubert" i waved at him while walking to my car.

after I reach my car, I adjust my rear view window at that guy direction. who would have thought that this guy would actually be my next lead to investigation.
everything I said to him is just a blatant lie I made on the spot, but I saw him twitching twice. one when I mention the shady book, then the other one when I mentioned the name of the latest missing person. the timing of when he answered are also way too quick, it normally took longer for someone to ponder about five people names yet he answered it immediately. this guy totally know the last victim.

seems like my investigation is still going.