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Sep 8, 2020
In this thread, try to imagine the profile of your characters from your story. Post the profile on what highschool your character(s) would participate in. List their academic records, clubs, hobbies, grade, facts, or anything related to what your character likes to do if they went to high school. Let your imaginations go wild, I will go first.

A bit of background, the highschool I'm mentioning here is split into four wings. The East, West, South, and North wings, they like to compete with each other.

Highschool name : Bremerwood High, South wing
Grade : 10th grade or freshmen
Nickname : The Gorgeous and Energetic dream girl of the South Wing
Academics : Standard results as well as being excellent in PE
Club : Gardening club
Likes to : -Go to the cafeteria with her group of friends and buy snacks, especially sweets
-Bailing class with Alphonse, her older brother while the teacher isn't looking
-Avoid being involved in the dispute between the South wing students and the North wing students

Highschool name : Bremerwood High, North wing
Nickname : The Flawless senior of the North Wing
Grade : 12th grade or senior
Academics : A straight-A student, while being a professional in handling chemicals
Club : Doesn't participate in any clubs, but likes to play the piano in the music room sometimes without anyone knowing.... except for Lenna
Likes to : -Staying the fuck away from those South wing delinquents
-Guarding his little sister, hanging out with her most of the time
-Sleeping on the rooftop of the school, letting the breeze blow his troubles away

Highschool name : Bremerwood High, North wing
Nickname : The shy sister
Grade : 10th grade or freshmen
Academics : Manages well, but she has extra points in Literature and Art
Club : Gymnastics Club
Likes to : -Buy food from the cafeteria with Alvar, her older brother. As well as bringing in Ludwig and Blanche from her class.
-Doing a routine in gymnastics, especially stretching out her flexible body
-Meeting Lenna in person, since she knows that Alvar has some kind of interest in the girl.

Highschool name : Bremerwood High, South wing
Nickname : A regular for detention, The Junior Hyena from the South Wing
Grade : 11th grade or above freshmen
Academics : Failing greatly, but not in PE like his sister, Lenna
Club : Baseball club, Wrestling club, Swimming club, Judo club, Archery club (this man's a maniac for sports)
Likes to : -Bail class every time with Lenna while being hunted down by the Student Council president, Kalem Coopers, his and Lenna's oldest brother.
-Fights with the delinquents from the North wing
-Hanging out with Adrian, Lenna, and Julia together

Highschool name : Bremerwood High, South wing
Nickname : The Charmer, The Flower of Deception from South Wing
Grade : 11th grade or above freshmen
Academics : Excels in everything... no but seriously, he's a genius. Has won many competitions physically and academically
Club : Literature Club (Leader)
Likes to : -Read books in the library, doesn't mind if his other friends came along with him
-Be with Lenna most of the time, he has a huge crush on her. He scares off the other boys from her along with Alphonse
-Converse in a chess game with Kalem, the Student Council President

Highschool name : Bremerwood High, South wing
Nickname : The All-Mighty Student Council President
Grade : 12th grade or senior
Academics : Top notch, his intellect competes with Adrian in the South wing. But can't do PE since his body isn't made for it
Club : Student council (Leader)
Likes to : -Stay on watch for any misbehaving students
-Keep his eyes and ears open when he's wandering around the North wing. He's likely to gain some hidden intels
-Keeping his younger siblings under his "protective" watch
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Jun 17, 2020
Highschool name : Ningrad Royal Academy
Grade : 12th grade or senior
Nickname : Teacher's Pet
Academics : Excellent in everything except PE
Club : Paranormal Research Club
Likes to : - Spends her time outside classes inside the library. And nothing else.

Highschool name : Ningrad Royal Academy
Grade : 12th grade or senior
Nickname : - Queen of Shadows
- Kitty
Academics : Excellent in everything despite being rarely seen on classes
Club : Paranormal Research Club (Captain)
Likes to : - Perform divination and seance
- Find missing items for a cost
- Disappear when needed
- Appear when her names are called three times

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Jul 14, 2019
The setting of my story is LITERALLY a highschool, but I can work my way around this.

Highschool name : Rormund Academy

Grade : 9th grade (held back one year because he's a dumb ass)
-never recieved education until he was around 10 due to "circumstances"

Nickname : Mutt, Son of a Bitch
a/n: he's not exactly "popular" in school, to say the least

Academics : tethering the edge of being expelled

Club : Library Committee (to avoid classes)

Likes to :
-avoid absolutely everyone
-doing nothing, and by that I mean, cutting classes in his dormitory room and staring at the ceiling until dinner
-not remembering about his Father
-taking a brisk walk at the Academy park when laying down too long hurt his hips

Highschool name : (the signboard was blown apart in an accident and nobody bothered to fix it, so everyone just unanimously called it School)

Grade : follows no grading system, people come and go; they come when they feel stupid and leave when they are content.

Nickname : Shitskin, Patchy, anything related to vitiligo etc.

Academics : decent with Electronics and Reading Comprehension; okay with Athletics, excellent in agility but appalling in Stamina; complete failure in Speech (as he is a mute)

Club : go home club

Likes to : -Sharpen his dagger
-steal the teachers' guns, strip it, clean it, and put it back together again
-play with the local wildlife
-skin the local wildlife that attacks him
-people watching
-try smoking like he saw the other, mostly younger kids do (emphasis on TRY; he never succeeds, he merely lights it, takes one drag, cough like crazy and throw it away; repeats this every month)

Highschool name (I'm bending the rules here, fuck you): the local night school in the Northern Gettho, there's no name, so every just calls it the "night school in the Northern Gettho"

Grade : 9th grade in linguistics and social studies; he could technically graduate university with his mechanical skills but being an autistic mute means he couldn't promote his credentials very well, much less convince others of it

Nickname : Blue (from his holographic head)

Academics : barely passing, often relying on pure memory of past quizzes and questionnaires than actual comprehension

Club : he works at the factory everyday before "school" so technically he's with the Factory Club?

Likes to : -listening to his co workers and nodding on the side despite understanding nothing
-spamming emojis on his phone to his wife
-acting human
-has a flask of cold water which he likes to hold onto and let the dew drops wet his fingers
-fixing small trinkets, usually by request of his classmates

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Dec 3, 2020
This is based on an American High School, since that's what I'm most familiar with.

Nickname: Star Girl, Raina,
High School Stereotype: Cute Nerd, since she has nerdy interests and is very energetic and social
Academics: Decent, but could be better. She has trouble focusing.
Clubs: Astronomy and Literature
Posting Aesthetically Pleasing Notes Online

High School Stereotype: Moody Loner "Bad Boy", as he doesn't like to interact with others unless he absolutely has to, and is very tempermental
Academics: He struggles in a school environment, and has to have a lot of help from others
Clubs: No clubs, unless Urainia drags him to one
Staying at home
Taking care of his pet centipedes


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Sep 8, 2020
Might add a challenge here, Imma draw my characters in their high school outfits later. For reference and satisfaction