Recommendations long novels


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Jan 3, 2020
Here are a few I like.
Doomsday Wonderland - Female MC that is really badass, no romance, lot's of action, endless transmigration into Apocalyptic Worlds with other Posthumans, weak to strong
When a Mage Revolts - Transmigrated MC, slow start, immense pay-off at the end of the first Arc, extremely satisfying to see the Big Bad fail
My House of Horrors - Best Horror Novel on NU probably, System, action and scary settings, everything you could possibly desire, and an overarching Mystery
Praise the Orc - VR-Game Novel, has a very different tone from other novels of the same genre, action, no harem
Gate of Revelation - Retaliation of the NPCs in a modern-day Game World, I'm only around Chapter 100 myself, but I still find it very interesting
Overgeared - Harem unfortunately, but I didn't really mind it, VR-Game, Character Development on the MC's side, the beginning is a bit hard to read for some, because the MC is still pretty scummy at that point, but the story really picks up
Holy Emperor's Grandson is a Necromancer - The MC is practically OP, it's really fun to read, action
Mages are too OP - The female characters are very annoying, I'm going to say this from the start, VR-Game, very interesting Magic System
To Be a Power in the Shadows - Harem again, Isekai, but more emphasis on the Comedy, also my favorite Comedy novel, but maybe not what you are searching for haha

These are the ones I could think of right off the bat, hopefully, there are some for you here!!
gonna check out doomsday wonderland, when a mage revolts, gate of revelation and holy emperor's grandson thing.
read all the other ones most of them were good. thank you

Pick your favourite from any Chinese web novel. They have literally over 1000+ chapters most likely.
most of them are shit so rather than suffering fifty percent of the time i rather ask people that have already suffered


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Aug 29, 2020
Supreme Magus ticks all the boxes.
Its cultivation mixed with magic in a sense.
Very good, and the combat / fights are very descriptive.