Looking for first impression reviews on my story


confused shitstain
Jul 14, 2019
I've written a story on SH lately and since I've hit above 10 chapters, I think it's time I let my little creation get some of that shameless spotlight for a change.

The story is called Communicatively Errored, I Am and just to be clear, it ain't Harem, it ain't Isekai, there ain't BL or GL or any slight form of Yaoi and Yuri. But it is Furry, so if you've got anything against them, I won't hold it against you. You have full rights to whatever you wish to believe in until you start swinging at someone.

Shiro - a black-furred 16 year old wolf finally decided to break from the silence.

Sixteen years, he'd spent hiding in the background when he realized that he may actually needs some friends in his life.

Sadly, sixteen years in the background does its toll, and Shiro got it hard. Doesn't help either that he's expertly adept in blending into the wallpaper.

Then he meets Krin, a giant, reptilian, big-brea-- I mean, friendly librarian who's determined to drag him out of his mold and set him out into society, one misunderstanding at a time.

Dragged into a world of child geniuses, divas, fisticuffs and student hierarchy, Shiro tries to conquer the one hurdle he could never jump - basic human communication.

Like I said, it's all clean down there in vanilla town. I'm aiming for a light theme in the story, focusing on the little things in life rather than the grand, big risk fantasy you see on most stories nowadays.

I really wanna see what you guys think, so hopefully I can get some reception on this.


Advocatus Diaboli
Jul 27, 2019
Ah, yes, I remember the story, or rather I remember the thumbnail. Seemed like some kind of Aesopian fable if you understand what I mean.

Anyway, do you really want a critique from me?