Magic Frenzy! Volume 2!!


Aug 15, 2020
Magic Frenzy! Volume 2 Announcement!

Volume 2 of Magic Frenzy is FINALLY in the works! If you thought volume 1 was good, just wait until you start Volume 2!


Volume 2 will stick strictly to the Magic System I created, if you haven't seen that, I suggest you go check it out, before starting volume 2. Volume 2 will be written in third person, instead of ffirst-personlike volume 1 was.

I'll also be focusing heavily on grammar and making it more presentable and more appealing for readers. I'll try my very best to avoid the mistakes I made in volume one.

I'll also be re-writing a few volume one chapters, so character abilities can be consistent with the Magic System I created

What to expect:

Volume 2 will explore more of the theory behind magic and reveal more about the magic captains, it'll also reveal more about the secret organisation that attacked the Academy during the Survival Camp. The Headmaster of the academy will also be getting more screen time, as well as other teachers

A new system, known as the "Point System" will be introduced to make the academy more challenging and competitive, and bring out more excitement from the story.