Writing Prompt MCU fanfic idea

Sep 29, 2022
So ive got an idea for a marvel fanfic but dont have the skill/talent/know-how to bring it to life so this is my attempt to pass it on to someone who can.

Basic idea is this.
MC comes to in a white room around the room are varius people among them are some he would recognize like stan lee, zack snyder, akira tobiyama, monty oum. Looking across the room he sees a familiar man dressed in a white t-shirt jeans and a peculiar purple sash with gold lettering. MC walks up to him and says "I know u how do I know u" the man grins the MC glances at the sash and sees names and titles Aslan(Narnia) Agape the Mad(Challengers Call) Prince of Peace. It clicks and he breathes out a name "Jesus" Jesus' grin grows wider "I knew u would figure it out" mc "i guess this means im dead then" Jesus "well yes and no" mc "what do u mean" Jesus " well to get to that i need to explain a few things. first things first when dad made creation he didn't just make your world he made all of them your world just happens to be really close to the center of creation most authors from your world unconsciously tap into space between worlds and peer into other realities and timelines. Many of these are bunched up together u know them as multiverses we in this room call them world seeds. When a world seed is critically damaged they explode violently. the story of the big bang that wasn't creation that was a world seed exploding. Long story short One Above Alls world seed is starting to show damage and to fix it we need to send someone in to stop the cause of the damage meaning u and piggy back in our repair mechanism. Thanos using the infinity stones is one of if not the biggest causes of damage. Dad recommended u so here we are giving u the sales pitch one thing u should know about multiversal entities is that they can offer they can tempt they can threaten but they cannot force it would go against dads gift of free will." Mc "so to sum it all up you guys are sending me into marvel to stop the snap to keep the multiverse from exploding."

After this conversation the start talking about what powers and gear he would be taking with him and him requesting a Triad Soul/Mate bond

Character bios:
Characters meet at age 17 unlocking powers,mate bonds,past life knowledge and knowledge of thier mission at some point before 2008(Iron Man 1)

Alias: Guardian
Gender: male
Titles: heir of the 5 sages(spending my retirement in a game)grants 3 major & 2 minor effects in the catagories Art,Craft,Combat,Magic,Life&Death
Soulbound gear:
Modified dragon balls(allows the use of certain spells like the fidelus charm(6 month recharge time)
Modified blue beetle armour(DC)
Designed to give the appearance of a guardian angel
with an internal quantum computer containing schematics for varius technologies( including but not limited to holon tech(Gen Lock) mecha-shift tech(RWBY) boom tubes(DC) asguardian tp rings(stargate sg1) Full dive VR pods(varius)) has onboard AI named Caliburn (named after the sword of selection otherwise known as the sword in the stone)
Race: human

Reincarnator: yes
World: Earth prime

X-Gene: Myriad = modified shadow clone jutsu
Inhuman Gene: Telepathic chatroom + parellel processing(by nature of thier soul bonds both Avalon and Symphony have access to the chatroom by default
Aura/Sembalence: blanck DUST creation(RWBY)
Three tomoe sharingan(evolvable)

Soul/Mate bonds:
Symphony, Avalon

Bonded Powers:
From Symphony:
System interface + class template(legionare palidin)
From Avalon:
Soverien domain & decree (dungeon AoI + laws/rules) + energy well




Soulbound gear/item:
A set of crystals each containing an origin spark of a different energy(Nen(HxH) force(Star Wars) aura(RWBY) chakra(Naruto)) and encoded with paterns for different materials (NTH metal(DC) vibranium(marvel) anti-metal(marvel) to name a few)

Race: Dungeon Core(primary avatar is a pixie)

Reincarnator: yes
World: star treck DS9 or adjacent knows how to run a millitary/trade station

Powers: basic dungeon stuff resource generation mob generation spacial shenanigians
Soul/Mate bonds: Guardian, Symphony

Bonded Powers:
From Guardian: title Hot5S + Myriad avatars(from myriad)
From Symphony: system interface + legacy item creation(from class templates)

Alias: Symphony
Gender: female
Soulbound gear: ???( Can take the form of any musical instrument and act as a focus/amplifire for her magic
Race: Human

Reincarnator: yes
World: MHA or adjacent knows how to run a school for heros

X-Gene: Sirens voice(can be used for sonic attacks like black canary but would generally be used to amplify her other powers)
Gamer type system
With stats and quests
((only gamers mind)this skill can be shared freely does not work like original more like an empath theripist in a skill)
class: symphonic arcane bard
Modified spartans gift(mythos academy)=instinctivly knows how to play any instrument she comes into contact with
Resonant casting can cast spells and buffs through her music

Bonded Powers:
From Guardian: Symphony of One(from myriad for example flynts sembalence(RWBY V3E5) + title Hot5S
From Avalon: Energy Well + (???)
Apr 3, 2024
The start looks great but I lost interest when I saw his partners from other world. If your aim is for different worlds then your idea might be good but if your focus is marvel then sad to say I don't like this idea
Sep 29, 2022
The start looks great but I lost interest when I saw his partners from other world. If your aim is for different worlds then your idea might be good but if your focus is marvel then sad to say I don't like this idea
The partners being reincarnators is just to explain how they know how to run a military/trade station (DS9) and hero school (MHA) when the only known space station in the solar system is the ISS