(OPEN) Commissions for Cover Art/ Illustrations.


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Sep 6, 2019

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Well hello there! It looks like you may be in need of a steady hand! Lucky for you I have two!
Jokes aside, welcome! I do Cover Art and Illustrations and I keep to my deadlines.

I have a straightforward process:

1. We talk about what you are looking for in detail.

2. We come to an agreement on the time you want the work finished.

3. We discuss a pricing arrangement that works for you and yours, that I feel is fair for the estimated time to complete.

4. I do rough sketches and you pick from them what you like and what you want altered.

5. I work deeper into a painting process and (if necessary) I show you another rough phase to make sure we are firing on all cylinders.

6. I send the completed piece attached to the receipt using paypal. I strictly use paypal, as it is pretty well trusted for all parties involved.

** I reserve the right to record the image and or process for use in speed-paints, or self promotion on social media platforms, but will not sell it as a print to anyone. Unless otherwise agreed upon.

Now to the juicy parts!

Here is my instagram!!


And my Youtube!


A regularly updated list of covers that I have made for people and if provided their Testimony.

The Reaper's Legion- by Michael

Let me know if you have any questions, and I am open to any discussion involving price, no need to be shy and please don't feel pressured to accept just because you ask a few questions.

Anyways, thank you for your time!

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