Poof! You are now a yandere. WTH goes through your mind?


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Jul 2, 2019
Here is my contribution. Sorry for the mistakes, english is not my mother language.

Another day at school, another monotonous walk back home with no one to welcome me when I arrive. Only a heavy silence solely disturbs by the buzz of some damn insects that always manage to sneak into my sanctuary using, god knows which hidden passageway I didn’t manage to close. I climb to my room and sit in front of my desk, grabbing a piece of paper and my drawing tools. Before last week I would have drawn some fantasy monsters, other worlds landscape or mythical races such as elves, dwarfs and so on but not anymore.

Now I have the perfect subject filling every criterion for my own fantasy. Lewd fantasy even. She is a girl like me, same school year and also following the same art degree as me. The first time I saw her, the first day in university, I knew she was the one. Before her, all I was feeling was an endless emptiness in my heart. Even the few “friends”, more like people that were willing to talk to me if you ask me, couldn’t be compare to a sand grain in this emotional void I was.

But she filled that void all by herself. I spend the first day at school looking at her, engraving every detail about her I can find in my memory. That’s crazy how much you can learn from a person just by paying attention to them. By the end of the day, I knew that she put her hair back behind her left her when she was nervous, that she was biting her inferior lips when she was annoyed by someone and all her other habits.
The features of her face, the color of her eyes and hairs were all fix in my memory forever and by the passing days, drawn on several sheets of paper that were now pinned on the walls of my bedroom. I would soon need to use the walls of the other room of my house since those ones were almost filled out.

I now barely listen in classes, spending my time looking at my beloved Valentia. What a beautiful name. I was happy just by looking at her but soon, or rather at every break, I got annoyed by all the people assembling around her. Who do they think they were? Tainting my precious one with their fake feeling, only wanting to win favors from her, with their fake smiling and sweet venomous words. I can't allow that!

Maybe it was jealousy directed to all those people that could freely talk to her … But after thinking a lot about it I realized that it was fear to lose her and envy to possess her. Drawing her was not enough anymore. Watching her all day long couldn’t fill my burning desire to possess her. I wanted the real one! The one that I could cuddle with, find consolation when sad. The one that I could pet, love and that would chase away the emotion void I was trapped in.

No one would be able to take her away from me. And if I need to get rid of those damn insects to win her so be it. They don’t deserve her anyway.
But for now, let put this knew drawing somewhere, tomorrow will be the beginning of the path leading me and her to eternal happiness.


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Dec 23, 2018
-Not Family-Friendly Content Ahead-
My fingernail glided across my neck down towards my chest, cutting open a small wound allowing crimson liquid of love to pour out. I felt a little bit of excitement mixing with discomfort spreading across my entire existence. Sadly, the tear I shed due to extreme passion ruined my makeup, but no matter what, senpai would never despise me.

Even without any mirror, I could perceive that my face had already turn bright-red, gauging from the sound of my suppressed moan that echoed the whole room. Before my hand could reach my Elysium of desire, I had already failed to control the beast-like passion and let it escaped my cherry lips.

Thankfully, the reoccurring sound of the water from the shower helped concealed my embarrassing blunder. Even so, I did not stop my action and continued to caress my body, from the very top towards the very bottom. Before I knew it, I had already put my free hand on my breasts and began playing.

As I expected, my legs gave in and I dropped onto the floor, with my bottom facing somewhat upwards while my head hung down. I bit my lips to not let out any sound, even if I wounded my mouths in the process.

With every passing second, my movement began accelerating and my suppression began waning. However, before I reached the peak of excitement and shame, I forced myself to pause before the deed was done, by biting on my tongue really hard.

I slowly looked up and moved my shaky hands away from my holy place. It took me a while to regain my strength to stand, but no matter how much I wished to finish it, I had to stop myself from doing so. Because it was not me to do it, but him.

With a moderate amount of blood in my mouth, I knew for the fact that I would look extra suggestive right now. Despite the pain I felt, I smiled widely, allowing the crimson liquid of love to leak out from my kiss-machine. The colour of red would enchant my already-ready body. Senpai would be pleased.

In quick succession, I stumbled towards the tied-up senpai, who must be eagerly waiting for my present. I even blindfolded him to surprise him to the fullest.

With my momentum, I crashed onto senpai and knocked him from his chair. My breasts landed onto his chest as I ripped his blindfold out, kissing him passionately with my bloody lips. We exchanged our liquid of love in that instant. It made me filled with joy. The sweetness of my blood could not compare to the alluring fragrance of his saliva. I even made sure to dribble a part of it out to let the aroma seep into my skin.

"Come senpai, the night was still young—" The love juice had already leaked out from my body, it was ready to play with senpai now.

I did not expect it to turn out this way... So embarrassing writing sexual fetish thingy.


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Nov 21, 2019
Oh... my.... GOD!
I have tits! Big, luscious, milky white mounds!
Oh! My nipples are so sensitive! Mmm... no. No, I shouldn't play with them like this. It's not natural. I need to keep my head.
Looks into the mirror.
Good god, look at my body... wait. Hold on.
Hands move down and touches between the legs.
NOOOO! How am I gonna jerk of to this hotness? My penis! My penis is gone! Noooooooo!
Jan 15, 2019
Based from ep 12 of Happy Sugar Life

warning: a bit long and ghey

When I woke up, I became this pink-haired girl with red eyes, reflected on a nearby puddle. My head felt so hot, and there's a faint scent of iron.

...and in front of me was a cute loli, with twin pigtails.

She looked deeply concerned about me.

"Sa-chan," she cried, "Please don't leave me..."


A lot of memories start flooding my head.

This girl had killed several people, just to secure their relationship, including her 'best friend'.

It wasn't that far off from her destruction end.

The place they lived in were burning. For some reason, I survived the fall from the highest floor.

No, the original girl died, and I somehow took her place.

"Found you...Sato. Give back my Shia..."

I never heard such chilling voice before.

In the distance, was a boy with disheveled face, emitting so much killing intent. His baseball bat had droplets of blood.

I think I had lost too much, and my body hurts like hell.

"Sa-chan, no..."

Her voice was the last thing I heard, before I lost consciousness.

I woke up in the hospital--bandages wrapped all around. My entire body was numb.

An insane-looking woman sat beside me, and there's no trace of that loli from before.

"Hey, Sato...you really don't remember anything, do you?"

Her smile sent chills running down my spine.

"What do you mean?"

"To think you haven't asked about your beloved Shia first--tell me--who are you?"

"Me? I really don't know..."

Despite this being a hospital, the woman took a cigarette and lit it up. The unpleasant smoke filled the room, and she nonchalantly blew one at my face.


"You shouldn't meet that girl anymore."

"It's not like I can move, as I am."

"She really thinks you're dead--and if not for me, it'd be the police sitting beside you right now."

"What are you suggesting?"

"Just take some time off, and forget about her. We'll be moving hospitals in a week or so."

While I wanted to just say yes, and live a peaceful life, there's something inside me who yearned for that loli.

"Aunt, please let me meet her one last time."

I want to let her know, I'm alright. That, if things finally settled down, we can finally be together.

It doesn't matter if it needs ten or twenty more years. My feeling--no--this girl's remnant feelings were just so great. This lolicon...

As if the Heavens played a cruel joke, the door sprang open at this moment.


The loli had her tears running, as she rushed at me--end up tackling my bandaged shoulders.


"I'm...sorry, Sa-chan...thank goodness, you're still alive."

Behind her, was that devilish brother--I really don't want to meet his gaze.

"I can't forgive you, Sato. You have done so many terrible things--but it's also true--you never hurt Shia. You protected her and cared for her, when my family failed. As such, I won't pursue this matter. Just treat it as we never met."

I really could care less 'bout him right now.

I already have the worst impression when he's out to kill me.

Though the next moment, the loli took out a form.

"Sa-chan, let's get married. I already copied your signature perfectly, ehehe...in ten years, we can do adult things."

This loli...

I guess she's the real yandere, and not this girl.

I admit.

When she smiled so purely, with such a dark, rotten insides, it just made me adore her even more.

I'm really are a lolicon, aren't I?

On the background, that Aunt had such an irritating smug grin.


Ten years later...

Shia was finally eighteen, and deemed as an adult.

Despite her brother's misgivings, she end up running from home, just so she could live with me.

It's been so long, since we're last together, but we still exchanged mails as usual. She's such a sweet girl--a bit insane though.


She really had become an adult. Not only her breasts got bigger, she also had this womanly charm...

While she's no longer a loli, I still felt the same desire to snuggle her and pat her head.

"Welcome home, Shia-chan."

All these years, I transferreded schools and managed to graduate from university. I couldn't get myself to date another girl, much less guys. When the folks at work asked me out, I just said I'm not interested in romance.

This loli's smile has been the driving force that kept me going.

...and at least, we finally did our usual ritual.

We put on the wedding veil, which was a bit tight, since both of us were grown up.

In sadness and health, in wealth and poverty...

Let us love be entwined.

...but this time, it didn't end just like this.

"Now that Shia is an adult, we can do lewd things!"

.From the bag, she took out a massive dildo.


That won't fit me at all.

"That's okay! Even big brother's hole could fit it."


Deep down, I feel satisfied, although...

"I prefer small and cute things, like my Shia..."

"But my breasts are bigger than Sa-chan..."

"Hyahh...stop pressing it against mine."

"Don't you love them big and firm, Sa-chan is so cute."


"Sa-chan, let's kiss..."



We did lots of naughty things that night.

Fortunately, the dildo end up being used to massage our backs.

After we officially signed the marriage form, we started planning 'bout our future.

"I want to be a housewife for my Sa-chan!"



"You still haven't graduated from University, right?"

"It's too expensive. Brother and Mom couldn't afford it."

"Let me handle your tuition, I had enough saved just for you."

"But I'm scared...I'm afraid I'd get bullied since I love Sa-chan, and we're both girls."

"If anyone did that, just call me."

"No! Bad Sa-chan, you can't kill someone again."


I wasn't planning to kill anyone though.

"Nn...it's okay, Shia's an adult now, Shia can solve her own problems. For now, Shia'll do her best as Sa-chan's wife!"

"Good girl..."

While we're both naked in bed, I stroked her hair and snuggled closer.

"Sa-chan...wanna do it again?"

"Let's make it quick, I'd be late for work otherwise..."

That day, I end up going to work.

...but seeing my cheery expression, for some reason, my boss didn't say a thing.

While this girl's past self did a lot of bad things, I'd definitely make up for it.

For this girl's happiness, I'd try to be a good person.

While the things that already been done was done, and the dead couldn't be brought back--since I wasn't the one who personally did it, who cares.

...and yeah, sorry for stealing your girl, Sa-chan.

Although I'm Sa-chan right now.

Deep down, a voice hummed from within my mind.

"A 3P is fine as well."

...and it sent shivers down my spine.

Well, best not think 'bout it and get to work.


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Dec 23, 2018
Just brainstorming.

Would be... heavily stalkerish, but not let them know that I'm stalking them.

Would slip secret cameras, hack into their computer... recording devices...

Would approach them online with a secret / fake identity and befriend them as a catfish. Better yet, befriend them using multiple identities. Establish a huge network of online "friends" who are actually all just catfishes. The objective is to make the love interest have a close-knit network of online friends to maintain an illusion of being loved.

Would send them stuff in the mail using a catfish identity (e.g. care packages, friend stuff). Would protect love interest with multiple means, such as secretly helping with their homework or clearing other "obstacles" that occur in their life. The critical point is that the love interest can't know that I'm doing this.

Would use various other methods to separate love interest from other "threats". (Actually I once knew somebody who catfished their love rival in order to get the love rival to break up with the love interest... yeah... super nasty).

Would use other devious plots like plotting X throwaway catfish to get into drama with love interest, yet use a different catfish to get closer with love interest. Objective is to make love interest emotionally dependent on the catfish.

Hook up love interest with a disposable IRL "friend", then sabotage the relationship so the love interest obtains a distrust of / traumatized by romantic relationships entirely... so they retreat deeper into the online bubble. Potentially do this multiple times so love interest loses faith in their 3D romantic prospects entirely.

Use suggestive media to brainwash/influence love interest's preferences and tastes.

There's a lot of room here...

I'm not that fond of the traditional *stabstab-y* yandere because I think the scariest yandere is the kind that is plausibly real enough that you go to bed terrified that a yandere is lurking around the corner. :blob_evil:


Jan 3, 2019
Hmmm a yandere huh....

Step 1
Approach target
Befriend target
Step 3
Become close friend to target
Step 4
Slowly let target be dependent on me
Step 5
Secretly erase the influences of others on target
Step 6
I'll be the only one the target should have left to care about in this world.

If manipulation does not work then the next step is to kidnap said target. If target still is unwilling to cooperate..... I believe taxidermy is the way to go.