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Jan 29, 2020


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Jan 31, 2021
Here is my dabble into the short story, and satire comedy genres. Written on a whim at a rookie reader thread post.
Besessenheit por las letori madness
(obsession for readers madness)
A short story by Mitkopom, dedicated to the newest reader Dearest_violet​

The morning sunshine of Terra's twin suns basked the Scribblehub Authors market, hidden deeply in the mountains of the North American server Continent. The Authors rushed to open their stalls and prepare for their busy day at writing new chapters.
The Portal at the centre of the SH plaza buzzed and lighted in a sky blue colour. Arcane scripts of the "Arcanenet" spun around the transfer's portal disk.
"Huh Did I manage to arrive at the correct place?" Dearest_violet wondered while holding their hand-made map of the area.
They looked around in amazement. This must be it! The famous Scribblehub market for free to read fiction. The most famous hidden place in all Terra. Of course there were several other famous markets for literature like Amazonia grand library, but unfortunately they required precious gold coins to access their vaults.
The crowd of people from diferent races and genders was bustling in activity - Elves, Beast-kin, Humans and many more. All of them dressed in the weird and notoriously famous garments of a novel author.
"Hmm where should I start my exploration?" Dearest_violet thought deeply and decided to simply ask for help at the nearest stall which happened to be a huge mistake!!!
"Hello! I am a new reader and would like to help me with choosing a story?"
The buzzing noise of the SH market dropped dead silent at that instant!
"A new reader"
"Ah Ah fresh meat"
"Get out of my way I need to speak with them"
Murmurs and commotion rose and a small crowd started to gather around the startled visitor who looked panicked at the approaching people. There was madness in their eyes and their mouths twisted in a wicked grin.
"Kyaaa!" A hand grabbed their shoulder and Dearest_violet rose their sword to defend themselves.
"It is not safe here!" Mitkopom whispered while observing the gathering crowd of authors
"When I tell you we are going to hit in the direction of that clock tower"
"HEY PEOPLE LOOK BEHIND YOU!!! IT IS ANOTHER READER APPROACHING!!!" Mitkopom shouted pointing the crowd's back
Heads turned around as well trained soldiers.
"RUN Forest RUN!!!" Cried Mitkopom and grabbed the hand of the still shocked visitor. They sprinted towards the clock tower and soon the people realized that they had been scammed
"You Stealing rat! Get back here right this instant!" shouted Sensei Hans.Trondheim
"I knew that bastard mitkopom is a scamming thief! Acting all nice and polite, but stabbing us in the back when the chance arrived"Fox-Trot-9 complained with a face twisted in anger and betrayal
"I will personally gut you alive, when I get my hands on your sorry ass mitkopom. Just you wait !" the beautiful Elf lady K5Rakitan added her disappointment to the growing sea of angry curses. Soon the curses went so far, that the current R 13 tag of this story can not allow this humble narrator to tell with details.
The pissed off mob rushed to chase the escaping duo.
Pant pant pant
"We made it!" mitkopom was trying to catch his breath
"Where are we now?"
"We are at my writing stall. You should be safe here"
"What happened to all those people?"
"It is the "Besessenheit por las letori madness". All authors here suffer from it but the planet alignment today is in its millennia peak. So the madness is out of control today!"
"You don't look affected mr? noticed Dearest_Violet noti
"mitkopom, My author's alias is mitkopom, and yes it looks I am still not infected, probably because I have been new author for a little less than a month!"
"Will those people get better? They didn't look like bad guys to me? asked Dearest_Violet with a worried face
"Of course, it is only temporary! Soon the planet's alignment will break and and they will regain their bearings. Would you like a cup of coffee till we wait for that to happen?" Mitkopom pointed to the small table at the corner of his writing stall
"Well thank you.! You are very kind host mr Author"
"So how long have you been a reader, dear friend?" mitkopom asked his guest while taking a sip from the steaming cup of aromatic coffee.
"Hmm I enjoy reading for as long I remember. I like to read many different styles and genres"
"A reader... Reader is here Unbiased and un-affiliated reader just for me" A voice appeared in Mitkopom's mind, his eye twitched showing the symptoms of a rising Besessenheit por las letori madness
Soon Mitkopom fell to the sickness completely:
"You, dear reader! Would you like to read my story?" Mitkopom grinned with a wicked smile and passed a hand made book to the startled Dearest_Violet
"What is this???"
"It is My story ... MY PRECccIOUSsss!" hissed...

PS: Just wrote that to practice my newly acquired writing skills
All events and people mentioned in this work of fiction are imaginary and any resemble to real event and person is a pure coincidence :)
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Feb 6, 2021
smthing nice i found

People spew on about how evil slavery is all the while happily enslaving themselves in a half-dozen different directions. Slavery is man’s natural state. And where there are slaves, there must be masters.