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  • A Witches Deal - G. Human

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • Hans.T

    Votes: 8 57.1%
  • Courting Death - Lil AYM

    Votes: 5 35.7%

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En-Chan Queen Vampy!
Apr 13, 2022
It is November 20th, and three raps were submitted. Here the peeps of SH will vote on their favorite rap based off your own parameters.

Don't mess with this great witch
Or I'mma roll ya into concrete
Let's go

Concrete images
Of dire sceneries
Repulsive, riveting
No hard feelings, kid

Your heart shall betray you
Your dreams will convey me
A new entertainment;
This witch will obtain it,
Your soul, no delay and
Then I shall savour
Despair of your failure.

Your brain's melting
In front of Hell's king
Here, please and thank you,
Let's go and make it,
I deal no fake deals,
You understand it,
Only the real things -
Just sign and it's sealed.

I'll never lie to you,
My every word is true,
So carefully think it through;
You'll give in still, won't you?

We'll shake our hands and laugh
Then comes the part I love
Dreams coming real? But, tough.
You'll never have enough.

You'll come again for more
And realise with horror
You're on the path of sorrow
But it's to late to sober.

Excruciating pain
As wires stab your brains
Your breath is all but drained
Was it all worth the gain?
Don't feel it is a shame
To lose this witch's game
To whine about it's lame
So don't speak up again.
And then the game is played
Only the ashes stay
You tried and then you failed
To play a game with flames.

Ayo it's Sir Hans, y'all better listen
He's teachin' so y'all better be sittin'

Hey dude, I'm Hans, not a German
Not a weapon nor Norwegian
I paint, I write, I draw, I deal with the law
But the haters gonna get my straw

In class I'm always serious
At the hallways I'm delirious
Kids hug, laugh and love me
Coz I'm fat just like your teddy

Look and hear, I'm no pedo
I send them running, scream-o
Caught rapists and molesters
Then hand them to the jailers

Got a problem, talk to me
I listen and help for free
Just don't ask for any money
Coz I also need charity

Friends say I'm a bear called Teddy
Though my name is really Eddie
I'm like a ghost, I'm like a spirit
Looking somewhere I can fit

A normal sect competition
It could have been carefree
There's a new competitor on a victory spree
But this random cocky bastard looks at me with animosity
It's some frog in the well, from Trivial City
The man who tried to steal my jade beauties (spill the tea)


Fuck your mother, fuck your father
Fuck your eighteen generations
Don't test my kindness, boy
I'll exterminate your nine relations
Who the fuck are you
To try to reach beyond your lowly station
You're two realms beneath me while
I'm the pinnacle in cultivation


This backwater
Toad-toed toad
With trash-tier ability
Lusting after swan meat
He deserves every profanity
Childhood friend at his side, and trash up his sleeve
Cheater thinks he's greater, but the distance is infinity

Old fart in your ring
I'm gonna seize, I'm gonna wring, 'cuz
I'm the fucking Son of Heaven
I own a piece of all your things
You want mercy, you should have never ever tried to cross me
Your fate is fucking sealed beyond all possibility


Won a prize, you think you're wise
You think your sword can pierce the skies
You've shit for eyes, can't see Mt. Tài
Your foundation is made of lies
System xiānxiá skill plagiarize?
A fucking thief is what you are
Thought you weren't inferior?
Bitch, my name is Gāo Fùshuài

Your last mistake is fighting me
Your end is nigh
Say good-bye and name a place
I'll send you there
After you die
You wouldn't last more than three hits
before your body fails to rise
And in your next life
Venerate your seniors and apologize


Now the competition is ruined
'Cuz you were a little bitch
And your sect lost its face
'Cuz you were a little bitch
But the jade beauty childhood friend?
I can give her the perfect pitch
I've got billions in the bank, she can say this daddy's rich

This vote will close in 10 days, and the winner will receive their Peeps Trophy.
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En-Chan Queen Vampy!
Apr 13, 2022
Imma Japanize the trophy then.