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Jul 8, 2021
I've got ideas but they tend to be ideas, nothing more. I've decided I'll be working on one of the three so far I've got up, as I've had some interest from readers (on another site) in Seisen Cerberus's backstory etc. Now tell me if I'm off the train of thought but, I've no clue where to go, seeing with how I ended Episode 0.

(I should note my story is yet to be approved and if you wish to know more I will gladly send the story for you to look at)

Should I go to town? A ride to town? If so where to? The anime itself is pretty vague so a lot of the places will be at my mercy for how they are/what they do etc. I just need a little nudge in the right direction to get started, I just don't know where. Not that I don't know how, I simply am at a lack of ideas. I do have a -basic- idea of the first written lines but don't hold me to it, it may change. This is just an example btw...

By the time they arrived back at town, it was barely past morning. Hiiro was still yawning with obnoxious sounds of fatigue and the vain on Pulpa's horned head was sticking out with extreme agitation.

As a way to explain some of the events that will happen in the fanfic, here's some info about the story itself for you to look at. Please feel free to ask any questions concerning the nature of the following information. This describes the main nemesis in the story and how it is important to the whole of the story.

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Pedestal of Narbe 'Occult'



*Hierarchy/politics/beliefs/connections/history of the 'Circles' that involves the Pedestal of Narbe

Yr, the Inner Circles, and the Outer Circles Relevance and Relevant Story Status related information

There are strict codes of secrecy in regards to the followers of PoN (Pedestal of Narbe). The first of them being the hierarchy which is the foundation of how the group works and the will of the group are carried out. The highest rank and only known self-proclaimed true 'leader' of the group is referred to and known only as a being by the name of 'Yr' and has never been thought to be seen by those outside of the Inner Circle. While the gender and species as well as any actual end goals of Yr remain unknown and up for speculation, most generally see Yr as the 'undoubted' mastermind of the plan to revive Dagon Zot and return the kingdom to the people; being to unite the three kingdoms under one ruler that which is Hiiro, while being in charge of all sorts of things in truth, by being a 'shadow' who 'suggests' opinions to Hiiro to partake-in actuality.

Though why Dagon Zot is chosen as the savior in truth; this isn't known why when other ways could be done to force the other three kingdoms to to submit just as well. Some suggest the fear of Dagon Zot coming back is enough to put 'fear of faith' in people; why as a hero, is another unanswered burning question. While some rightfully fear Dagon Zot, others respect the evil dragon for its sheer power and mastery over all beings. So it's sort of conflicting but also a 'attractive' offer at the same time.

Trust in Dagon Zot as a harbinger of 'god' to bring down the sinful three kingdoms and build a new world from the chaos upon the shoulders of greatness, in basic theory.

Unlike most in the Outer Circle 'cult' whom wish only total destruction and chaos (and to force Hiiro into joining them) upon the land, Yr's true intentions and ambitions are obscure and at best, misconstrued by those of the cult in the 'Outer Circle'; those below the rank of 'Inside Circle' are not privy to such information about Yr's ideal outcome. Joining either Circle is a secret initiation 'ritual' that can only be partaken by someone whose already a member to ask another to join/persons concerned contacted the member for interest in joining.

It is unknown how or if there is a way to attain an Inner Circle invitation on a side note.

While it is true Yr wishes to tear down the old kingdoms and build one united kingdom, it's not clear why they're doing this in this particular fashion or what Yr will do afterwards, should they accomplish victory. It's actually commonly thought that PoN is not a terrorist group nor a 'bad influence' by the people of common place, outsiders, and those with interests of power. It doesn't even officially call itself a cult, but is coined that as some followers (mainly 'Outside Circlers') are fanatic and desperate to seek recognition in the Inner Circle thus 'misleading' their otherwise spotless repertoire.

Many common place folks think PoN is a good thing to pursue as the three kingdoms foolishly pursued power over the people's interests and well-being among questionable rising tensions; adding to the fire for revolution/war among the three kingdoms is due to the 'Propaganda War' that is instigated by those of the Inner Circle and spread among their lower ranked and more fanatical counterparts to stoke the coals of revolt. Plus if Dagon Zot is going to destroy everything to build a utopia for equality for anyone to live as they please, all the better reason to fan the flames.

Yr however, has no intentions of forcing Hiiro into joining the cause. Instead, Yr plays a much more curious side in the struggle for dominance and is attempting to allure Hiiro's interest in the hopes he joins for not just their intentions, but for Hiiro's own well-being. Yr somehow knows that Hiiro has lost his dragon-form ability and is now in a precarious state between being the human known as Hiiro and as the savior of Kunaaan named 'Narbe' that everyone has now come to call him and recognize him as, instead.

Though it's also unclear if Yr is directly pulling the strings or is using some kind of proxy in their place in case of some kind of emergency/unexpected action against them. While it is considered that Yr is benevolent and welcomes all to join the up-rising regardless of birth, rank, sexuality, species, religion, or even if they're not for their cause, nothing other than the rumors of Yr's origin and intentions are truly known outside the Inner Circle's weave of knowledge.

Yr does seem to put the interests of the people first and those of their most trusted companions ahead of the goals of power or military might. Many also believe Yr is some kind of 'god' that is seeking to pity the land of Kunaaan for its sins, and those that wish to 'start over' in a new world, to thus atone and make a utopia of peace for all beings. Many outrageous stories have circulated due to the Prop-War so nothing is truly to be taken at face value and only to be trusted with a grain of salt in doing so.

While there is actually nothing to say that their actions should be condoned or endorsed for the most part, Yr remains out of the picture for the majority of the story and remains an enigma as to if they are for good or evil will, if that can even be distinguished by the time Yr makes their appearance.

The Inner Circle of Yr's weave of knowledge are suspected to be composed of three different individuals of anonymous identity to the public, leaving even more room for rumors and conspiracy to grow in terms of who these individual's true identities are. They are of the highest standing in the group and much akin to generals in that sense. The three unnamed and unknown persons are thought to be in some sort of considerable amount of influence and power, though this again is purely rumor. Some have even go so far as 'claim' to be one of the three, though this is not acknowledged nor denied by PoN, leaving many unanswered questions to fester in doing so.

Doing this however makes the person a massive target by the three kingdoms that are struggling to keep PoN under public control and that they are trying remain in good terms with the people despite their ignorance before hand. Though the situation is delicate as up-right killing any 'member' of PoN could cause serious repercussions and back fire instead of solving the problem to the point of pushing the kingdoms into a all out war against the PoN, seeing as they have unknown numbers, prowess as well as influence through out the kingdoms nor what they could be capable of if they banded together.

Anyone claiming to be a member, even an Outer Circler, is considered a serious threat to the security of the three kingdoms. Though declaring being a member of either Circle causes the person(s) to be ostracized from PoN as a means of retaining neutrality for the time being, the group wishes to prevent itself from being aligned with one or the others ideals other than Yr's even if it means denying sanctuary or assistance to its followers that have gone public. The only actual truth that cannot be spoken is what the ritual entails or the secrets of the Inner Circle.

It is thought all members are bound to some sort of spell (or curse) that binds them to Yr in some way, and speaking of anything pertaining to the Inner Circle's secrets (or the ritual to be initiated) will cause the person to suffer extreme pain before they actually die of unknown cause. In cases that have been attempted to be forced against their will; they cannot speak as the 'spell/curse' turns them into a mindless rampaging daemon beast. Possibly this outcome is to show how Yr views traitors and despots, as well as others being too power hungry, though the reason is totally unknown other than to prevent the leak of sensitive information.

No one knows how to undo this spell/curse either, so no one has dared to really try to find a way to break a member free of the looming responsibility and end result should they break their oath in any way. Basically any member can freely say if they are a part of the group true or not, though those that are in truth a member, they cannot commit certain actions that would either taint the image of the group or reveal information considered sensitive in any way. Even writing it in obvious fashion is a death sentence. Nothing says they cannot do so in a round-a-bout way, though no one really dares to try this out of fear of death or if it could even be understood by another in detail without them saying it was true or not.

*EDIT- if you've read this far great. Then I'd like to show you a link of my story on another site. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/44755/seisen-cerberus-ii-lucid-victory
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