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Jan 1, 2019

It is indeed once again time for a new competition! The Metus Contest has officially begun :blobspearpeek:.

Before we talk about the details, I want to give a shoutout to the first place winner @Mihou and second place doggo @TypeAxiom from the last competition. You can check their stories here and here.

This contest wouldn't be possible without our generous angels, @Ace_Arriande and @Tony who each donated 100$ for the contest. Do check out Ace's stories here!

Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty details of what you are about to embark on.


Similar to most of my previous contests, the Metus contest requires you, authors, to select one of the three given themes. You made your suggestions for the themes and I've listened to them (sort of).

Here are the themes for this contest (You only have to pick one):
  1. Halloween Aspect Theme - You can take the aspect of Halloween to be used as your main theme, (Horror, Deception).
  2. Life Craft - Pouring a lifetime worth of dedication to a single craft/skill.
  3. Organized Crime - Committing crimes in an organisation (Yakuza/Mafia/Famiglia).
To enter your story to the competition, you have to go to your story dashboard and add the contest tag to the story! The contest tag is "Metus Contest".

You do have the option to combine the themes.

However, you must state what theme you have chosen on your story's synopsis. Failure to do so will result in your story removed from the contest.

You can find all contest entries here.

Here are the most frequently asked questions:
Q: Is it fine to post the story elsewhere after the competition ends?

A: Yes, you can post the story anywhere after the contest has concluded. However, the story will be disqualified if the story is posted on other platforms before the conclusion of the contest.

Q: Can I use an alternate/spin-off/fanfic of an existing story?

A: No, you can not. It must be an original story with no link to an existing story/world.

Q: What if I’ve written a story that fits the requirement but never posted it before?

A: Since there’s no way for us to check when you wrote the story, as long as you’ve never posted it anywhere else before, it is perfectly fine to use it as a contest entry.

Q: Can I post the story on Patreon to earn money from it during the contest? (Advanced chapters)

A: You can use advanced chapters. However, your story will solely be judged based on what you’ve posted on ScribbleHub!

Q: Can we get badges/titles?

A: As mentioned before this is not an official competition hence we don’t provide that as prizes. But we do have prizes thanks to our sponsors.

Q: Is there a max word count and can I submit more than once?

A: There is no max word count and yes you can submit more than once.

Q: Who would own the copyright to the story?

A: You authors will retain all the right to the story.

Q: Can I advertise the story?

A: Yes you definitely can!

  1. Has to be an original story, exclusive to SH for the duration of the contest.
  2. Series need to reach 40,000-word count by 1st December 11:59 PM (GMT+7).
  3. Have not been posted before the 29th of August.
  4. Must use at least one of the provided theme.
  5. Do not use stolen artwork for your story cover. (You must state the source of your art in the synopsis) - If no source is stated, your story will be removed from the contest.
  6. Using bots to increase your statistic will get you disqualified and blacklisted from future competitions.
  7. No Plagiarism
  8. Rules may be subject to change during the contest in the event of unforeseen attempts at manipulating it or circumventing the above rules.
More specific violations that attempt to undermine the spirit of the competition will be left to my discretion. For example, using a stolen cover for the duration of the contest as clickbait to gain more readers, and then switching to a non-stolen cover on the final day.


As previously mentioned, this contest is only possible with the prizes sponsored by the site owner/creator/god @Tony and one of the most arguably famous authors on the website @Ace_Arriande.

Beside the 200$ prize pool, Tony is giving the main category winner a 24 hour sticky on NovelUpdates! Meanwhile Ace has also donated classic nitro for a year for the special prizes.

Here's how the prizes are given out:

Main Category (Readers - Highest amount of Reader)
  1. $150 + NU Sticky
  2. $50
Special Category:
  • Highest Word Count
  • Highest Favourites/Chapters
Authors can only win one of the prizes, if the winner wins more than one then they'll have to forgo the other prizes.

Now that the details are all aired out. Good luck and may the goddess of procrastination stay away!
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May 17, 2020
Alright i guess it’s time to go back to writing:blob_hide:


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May 6, 2020
Have fun and good luck everyone. I'll be sticking to my story. Can't fight daily releases with uni starting in a month. The second topic seems really interesting tho, hoping for a lot of nice novels around it.