Writing Prompt The most ridiculous corporation to exist..


~Sweet Preservatives~
Mar 7, 2019
The most ridiculous company to exist was...


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Apr 16, 2019
Twelve men and two women in very expensive suits took their seats at the long table. At the head of the table, an older woman sat down and slowly opened a manilla folder and flipped through some documents before saying, "In nineteen eighty-five one man had a dream, a dream to be the very best Pac-Man player on the planet. As new games came out, he tried to get the highest score ever seen all of them, but his dream was to attain that Pac-Man high score. In nineteen ninety-one, he started ScoreCo with a very simple mission, stop people from scoring higher than he can on Pac-Man. Well, I have called you all here today because of a forty-five-year-old man in Allgood Alabama played a Pac-Man machine we hadn't known was in existence. We have managed to buy up all of the original machines using the serial numbers but there was an oversite and this gentleman managed to find it and get a perfect score of 3,333,360 points.

As you know, our founder and CEO has tasked our company with protecting his high score on the game, so now that this has happened we need to have someone answer for this. Dan, your division handled Alabama, can you tell us what happened?"

An older man with salt and pepper hair stood up and motioned to a drop-down video display. He used a small remote in his hand to activate a video, clearing his throat he began, "We managed to find the store surveillance footage of when our associate visited the 'Last Food n Gas' market last year, here you see that he is asking about the machine, the store owner allegedly stated the machine was and I quote, 'So broke even Jesus couldn't bring it back to life.' Our associate took him for his word without investigating properly. "

He clicked the remote in his hand and then continued adjusting his tie, "Here we see store surveillance of the day the new high score champion comes in to play the Pac-Man machine, he motions to the store owner that the machine is unplugged. He proceeds to plug in the machine and then play it for many hours. I will skip that footage for now as we shouldn't focus on that aspect." He adjusts his expensive silk tie and then he says, "It was my division that had the issue, I will, of course, offer my resignation. As for the employee responsible, he has been fired. Our clean up effort on this issue was to immediately come and collect the machine in question and swap it out for an emulated machine so that we could publicize that it was a false high score."

The older woman at the head of the table nodded, she said in a very dry even voice, "Mr. Mitchell will be accepting that resignation, Dan. I'm sorry."
Jan 15, 2019
Epic Games?

Nuff said.


pretty much a number of video game companies makes this list for me haha...


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Jan 22, 2019
In 1999, one man had a dream. A simple dream. A deep hope beyond anything anyone could imagine.
He dreamed of being really damn rich.
So, like any man would, he started a business, all in the hopes of getting a shit ton of cash. And he called this business,
His business model was simple: Advertise that he was an incredibly greedy guy, then hope someone would donate.
20 years later, and we can see that he has what his heart truly desired: Money.
But that was also because it was discovered that people were using his business to launder money. As such, it was shut down a few days ago, and the owner was incarcerated.