What to do with my ever increasing hate on silent readers


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Apr 12, 2021
So what I'm getting is, this issue with such low responses is lack of people making accounts.

Should we start a campaign to get readers to create accounts or something?
Not the campaign... It would be a crusade against them
One last benefit is that it can establish a mindset in readers who have become complacent to the fact that they’ve received everything absolutely free for all this time. Someone took time to write this, they aren’t asking you for money as a payment
The most logical way of seeing the problem...
The things we took for granted feels different then the things we took by being a privilege

It goes both ways. Sometimes authors took the readers for granted after a certain point of the series while readers took for granted the chap will come on time even if they aren't paying for it (Both monetary and the psychological 'The response') they shit on authors, get angry for neglecting them like a childs tantrum. If the author didn't update for a month like The authors have owned them something in their previous life

While sometimes authors took for granted they already have a readers base that will follow them whatever they do with the series they started avoiding the criticism in the name of haters. They started avoiding fulfilling the readers wish cause it isn't what they have planned like killing the most fav harem member, I have experienced it so I know how awful it feels!

On a side note,
Give this man his award!
Such details, I have never seen it!
A filter for comments, a great idea indeed but it's like rubbing salt on small authors who barely getting one or two comments in the complete series!
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Feb 19, 2021
Idk man, putting out free content is a thankless job all in all. It doesn't matter what you're putting out - novels, art, videos, music, etc - you're going to have silent readers/consumers who won't say anything, not even "thanks" lol - and they're the bulk. So yeah, as you mentioned, you'd more likely see negative ratings or a radio silence at best.

I think in a way many of us have been brought up by media to become passive consumers and to demandingly Karen it out when we don't like something. Free work's pretty much taken for granted because there's just a huge amount of it available out there, and you don't need to look or work hard to find them. If you're really looking for payout - as in receiving something in return for your work, your best bet is likely to either paywall or monetize it.

I've noticed monetized stuff getting more traction and followings in general, even on other platforms. It miiiiight be because people think that if something is free, it's gonna suck anyways so they might as well pay for something of a higher quality? When I stopped giving freebies and kicked my prices up to the roof, people started calling my stuff "handmade" or "artisanal". I made bank from it at a bazaar. Food for thought!

Alternatively, you can try locking part of it away as a commenter loyalty program. I saw this bit suggested on Reddit, but I haven't tried it out yet. It might encourage more people to comment if they knew they were gonna get rewarded for it.


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Mar 7, 2020
1. say what you will, but when they got an opinion they sure do share. When you can incite THOSE sensitive cunts, that's when you know you've done good.

2. i actually did read some dude's work recently, cuz i promised and so i had to. KInda regret it, cuz while its not bad in itself the guy isn't a native English speaker and it shows. Very simplistic writing style, and a lot of "he said, she said"s that got kinda annoying to see after a while and just irritated me every chapter.
1. Yes. That's true.

2. See? You read his work because you promised. Not because you randomly clicked onto his signature and got hooked. People who do reviews here also read other people's books. But, they stop reading those books after the review is done, plain and simple. As I said, finding readers here is almost impossible.


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Mar 31, 2021
Silent hate readers, huh... There's nothing you can do about that. People will either like or hate your work.