Who is the strongest!?


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Jun 8, 2021
Damn it! I don’t have an OP mc. :’(

Must be because of them being too common in manga and fiction that i have never wanted to create one. :’(

I am such an outcast. :’(
There’s nothing wrong with writing what you like, but it will probably be hard to get popular on this site. Web novels run on tropes after all. Avoiding cliché is good, but avoiding trope is a real challenge.
"But can he beat Goku tho"
I‘ve read a Korean novel where the mc is the protagonists hunter. He travels between worlds to hunt down the protagonist of each world and get stronger.

Basically, what define the protagonist is the same old “Plot Armor“, the source of Goku’s power. So I think this guy might have a chance of beating Goku~ 😂