Why do readers expect that relationships are set in stone?

Do readers tell you when they think that you should have done things in a different way?

  • Yes.

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  • No.

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  • Yes and I rewrite.

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  • No, and I watch them go. Wishing them all the best.

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Magical Girl of Love and Justice
Dec 23, 2018
To me it would probably depend on how the relationship developed and how it ended mainly.

If the characters are fated lovers/soulmates or whatever, you're gonna need a pretty good explanation to why they break up... If there isn't one, I might get pretty annoyed at it, because the magical thingy binding them just amounted to nothing.

But if take this out of the equation and just assume a more normal relationship... I'd be fine with it eventually leading to them breaking up if it felt like a natural conclusion to their fights, disagreements and their inability to find a solution to their problems.

On the other hand, if the break up came kinda out of nowhere and didn't have a proper build-up, then I think I could get annoyed by it.

And if the break up came from a 3rd party forcing it (like someone enforcing an arranged marriage that tore the two characters apart), then I'd expect them to find a way around it to solve the problem, and I'd be very annoyed if this kind of barrier wasn't overcome.

So really, just depends on how it's handled, I guess? At the end of the day, I rarely drop stories due to a single reason. It's usually a multitude of stuff that just makes me feel like the novel isn't worth my time anymore... If your novel was already making me kinda bored, this might be the kind of thing that makes me give up on the story if it's not executed well.