“Tell, me a story, Little one.”

"One day as I traveled in the darkness, advancing forward, with something amiss.
I found something with lots of kindliness; hidden away, eaten by the abyss.

A weak flame that painted my surroundings with its weak, yet warm and sheltering light.
It awakened things with its fiery wings, it danced within me with brilliance and might.

I took ahold of it and cherished it, I thought it was fated to be for me.
I gave all of my affection to it and made it spring up like a fiery tree.

It showed me all of the life around me, using its light to escort me around.
Almost as if it was all about me; finding myself. By the end, I was bound."

"Never one without the other..."

"Never one without the other."

We all need something in our lives.


Go check out Broken Core, a rewrite of the infamous dungeon core story without dungeon cores.



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