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    What are you currently watching?

    I watch meme videos 😏
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    How many chapters/words does a story need to have before you'll think about reading it?

    To me, I want the novel to at least have few chapters out (like one volume finished or close to finish) to evade suspension as much as possible
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    My first anime, I think it was 'saint seiya', am not sure
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    Writing Prompt Night Owls, what do they do in ancient times?

    Use lanterns :blob_whistle_two:
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    Don't reply on this thread

    Interesting tactic, so this is like that reverse psychology thing :blob_hmm_two:
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    Writing Prompt Why Japan?

    It is all business, you see Truck kun was the first to visit an isekai, he got lots of power that he decided to make a business of some sort because of it, as he thought that all that power got be used somehow, but when he came back only few believed him and theey were mostly japanese people who...
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    Favorite Genre of Music?

    Really? well, what about this then?
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    Favorite Genre of Music?

    Metal is one one of the genres I like, allow me to introduce you one of my favourite songs
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    Tips for writing an Interesting first chapter/prologue

    Well, as far as I know, prologue must be like an extended and more detailed summary, in which you give a general view or idea about what the reader should expect from the novel, the first chapter however is the introduction or how you start shaping your story after you gave a general idea, and...
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    Writing what you wouldn't read

    Just write what you feel comfortable with
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    Strongest Fictional Creature/Type of God

    This thing
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    Contribute one sentence each to make a story~

    ps: The F*** did I just write 🙄😕
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    Contribute one sentence each to make a story~

    Hearing such words the hero felt at a loss as he screamed: "You! friend kun! you are a mansion slut! how could you? I am the hero sama, and as a hero my word is absolute, you decided to side with the mansion, a secret servant of the demon lord, and so friend kun, you are now my enemy! you are...