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  1. Slaynoir

    I made 1.1k views?! WHAT IS THIS

    Like holy shit. It was a joke. And now it hath exploded in thine face. Just. Wow. Four days even. Holy hell. I swore I thought it would've died by now and it still going. >_> I've created a...
  2. Slaynoir

    Who'd Like Some Reviews? Will read 10k or less stories.

    Hey there, I know a lot of people struggle with the first 10k of a story and figured I'd extend a hand to those of you who're looking for help but don't have a lot written. I do have one particular story that has nearly 7k (I Nearly Died and My Tongue Was Swapped With A Demon King’s) but I know...
  3. Slaynoir

    What the world?!

    I've had 176 views in the last 3/4 hours for a story I literally joked about with a friend and made it into a story. It's really easy to write though I'll give it that much. What in the flying monkeys is this about?? It's called I Nearly Died and My Tongue Was Swapped With A Demon King’s I...
  4. Slaynoir

    Who wants to review my stories? Short but plan to make more.

    I'm starting to get back into the writing habit, it just takes me time to write a chapter that I like. I tend to be harsh on how I write so sometimes I'm not fairly sure if it's good or bad or what have you. Right now I've not much written but like I said, I'm working on it. Your feedback would...
  5. Slaynoir

    Writing Which plot device should I choose?

    1) Demon kills someone but brings them back because they love them, as a demon (cliché but it was interesting regardless) 2) A poison turns people into monsters 3) Exorcist turned demon/monster thingy 4) Progressive curse causes a person to become a bird-like creature 5) Person has the...
  6. Slaynoir

    Posted! Would anyone care to review Lucid Victory? :3

    Hey, got that annoying Seisen Cerberus II chapter done. LOL Not long at all but brings up my count of words to 3k and ten pages. Reviews would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Slaynoir

    Writing struggle with how to proceed in story

    I've got ideas but they tend to be ideas, nothing more. I've decided I'll be working on one of the three so far I've got up, as I've had some interest from readers (on another site) in Seisen Cerberus's backstory etc. Now tell me if I'm off the train of thought but, I've no clue where to go...
  8. Slaynoir

    Recommendations Looking for other series that have Genres of the mixed unusual/rare kind

    I like to write a lot of err, different kinds and mix ups of genres. As an example of what I mean (and what I'm looking for in a recc) I'll post here my titles of stories with their genre (closest) as well. There's a lot of different kinds from my own making of brainworlds to that of fanfiction...
  9. Slaynoir

    Art Vomit :D

    Here's as much as I can fit into this one thread. Looks like there is a limit of ten lol Enjoy. I might post some more if you'd like.