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  1. Dountmindme

    Looking for Work Open for Bust and headshots commissions.

    Hello, me Donut back here again becuz I want more experience with doing comms. I’m great at headshots and bust drawings. I struggle with full body so yeah it will cost more for full body. Also I might take a longer time since I’m busy with work. I’m free on Monday’s and sundays since those are...
  2. Dountmindme


    Prolly should have an art thread but I’m too lazy for that. But anyways here’s the art.
  3. Dountmindme

    Looking for Work Willing to draw for $60[closed]

    Aye yo donut here. I need a few more bucks for dat ps5. Style: I can do anime and western. I don’t have a consistent art style... Portfolio here: My discord: Dountmindme#1010 Price. Min 60 usd. Max 100 usd. Things I’ll need in advance: References...
  4. Dountmindme

    Q: How unproductive are you and how’s is 2021 so far?

    It’s been 13 days since I deleted discord. I also haven’t drawn much either. Or write. I don’t have collage other this semester. Maybe I should redownload it? I go back fall 2021. I turn 20 when do go back. I was supposed to be done with my sophomore year this semester. But COVID-19 threw a...
  5. Dountmindme

    Q: Are you and only Childe?

    I’m crossposting this from NUF. Only thing is different is the poll. Kek. I used to room with my two sisters. My brothers also shared a room together. My mom has her own room. The room that I used to share with my sisters is pretty big. Big now that their beds are gone it pretty empty. I have...
  6. Dountmindme

    Recommendations Recommend me some NTR sto

    Hello, Donut here with another NTR thread. Authors can be shameless and rec theirs. But I’m jus’ looking for some. I’m even more interested if there are angry comments too. hehehe. Give me stories that you enjoy. Also ones that most ppl would hate. Idk.
  7. Dountmindme

    Kaeya(birthday boy)

    Drew him. Ik the fur is bad. And uhhhhhhhh he ain’t bad. I like the line art better tho
  8. Dountmindme

    To readers who don’t like NTR

    Please, tell me why you don’t like it? I‘m curious to why it gets so much hate. One, tell me how you discovered NTR and what was your reaction. Two, share why you like or dislike it And/or what are your problems with it. Also there 3 types of NTR. Which of the 3 do you dislike the most...
  9. Dountmindme

    The Procrastinator not procrastinating?

    Q: how much do y’all think you procrastinate and what do you procrastinate on the most? I do this a lot with my writing. I’m trying get myself to write something for the metus contest.
  10. Dountmindme

    Ari and the Soul Festival

    My Ari, Ira’s counterpart, a fake fallen angel who assimilates into the ranks of demons. Her job is to guide as many souls as she can to the afterlife. Once every year a festival is held for pure souls to go to heaven. On this festival, people would bring lamps with their deceased loved...
  11. Dountmindme


    Don’t mind me, I’m testing something here. and Maybe it will work? Idk what to call this. Shortcuts? Can someone give me a list of sorcuts or whatever they are. I’m sad I can’t add tags. What happen to tags?
  12. Dountmindme

    My current Avi.(Hisoka <3)

    Here’s the sketch and what I have now. Still wanted to keep the sketch somehow and decided not render his hair. I could have put this all in spoilers but oh well.
  13. Dountmindme


    Since the sever has reached LV2 I was making stuff for lols. Which eventually lead to SH-Chan creation~ First I made this animated banner for fun. Some stuff I came up with while drawing. SH-Chan, the lil’ sister of NU. She often gets help from her sister. With SH stories on her sister’s...
  14. Dountmindme


    It’s 2AM. I should sleep but share one emote/meme you would you use if can’t Use any other ones, and why that one. I’ll go first. My AVI is something I’d pick. Since I made this myself I come to love it. Maybe I’ve come to love it too much.... I’ll check this later when I wake up.
  15. Dountmindme

    2k19 PADORU thread.

    Alright folks, I took it upon myself to make a padoru thread. This fourm needs more podaru! Lyrics: Hashire sori yo kazeno you ni Tsukimihara wo PADORU PADORU C’mon, soon you’ll be chanting along and hitmiyized by the fast paced spinning. Padoru gifs. It is padoru season after all. What’s a...
  16. Dountmindme

    I’m bored. (A Shit post)

    I’m curious can we necro threads? Does it hold true for this forum? I should have asked this months ago. :unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:
  17. Dountmindme

    Can I un-publish my stories?

    I want this feature because I don’t wanna delete everything. Like, the comments on certain chapters would be gone....that’s what I’m worried about if I had no comment I would have deleted the story long ago. I jus’ want to un-publish it not delete it. Then I can mess around with it and upload...
  18. Dountmindme

    Word Wars thread.

    So what word wars is when you and another person write for a set amount of time. Both you and the other person can chose a time to start and end. Once you’re done with the war you share how many words you wrote on that period. 1. Agree on a set time. 2. let your inner writer free. 3. Share...
  19. Dountmindme

    Q:Does the like limit exists yet?

    I wanted to make this thread because this thing—like limits—is such a torturous thing for me. Welp, I’m not active in this forum much. So I might even ever see this thing. I haven’t been active in NUF either. These days I’m busy with school. But I don’t have much after school stuff....that won’t...