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  1. YuriDoggo

    New Features: Reading List Alerts, User Stats and More

    I think this is a really good idea. Please, tony!
  2. YuriDoggo

    Real names.

    They said they didn't expect a normal answer out of you anyway.
  3. YuriDoggo

    Real names.

    Hi bob
  4. YuriDoggo

    I’m looking for a trashy wish-fulfillment story with Gary Stu mc. This one has an adorably dense (intentionally) character. Very cute and gay.
  5. YuriDoggo

    I’m looking for a trashy wish-fulfillment story with Gary Stu mc.

    No, because the only gay and stupid characters I know are from GL novels, meaning female protagonist.
  6. YuriDoggo

    I’m looking for a trashy wish-fulfillment story with Gary Stu mc.

    You say gary stu, i see gay and stupid, which is not that bad
  7. YuriDoggo

    Real names.

    I don't like my real name, but then I don't like my sex either, so there's that.
  8. YuriDoggo

    Sorting fictions on the author's page

    Sometimes I want to read something on an author's page, but I end up having to hunt through the different entries. It would be helpful if there was an option to sort by last update/popularity/release frequency on the author's page. That way, you can tell at a glance which of their stuff is most...
  9. YuriDoggo

    Spirit Reincarnation

    But its not yuri :[
  10. YuriDoggo

    How to balance OP powers if you don't care about power-ceilings?

    Or he can just "win the battle, win the war" because his ability is literally promised victory. Nothing says he has to choose between the battle and war. Just win both.
  11. YuriDoggo

    Why gods use heroes instead of solving things themselves?

    More like those who can, supervise, those who can't, work. All about that perspective.
  12. YuriDoggo


    Too many tags and you end up with stuff like Ao3. And I bet there's a bunch of misspelled/alternative spellings that make it a pain in the butt to search for tags. Honestly, limiting to system-only is probably the better idea if there's a big list rather than freeform.
  13. YuriDoggo

    One sting and you’ll spontaneously combust

    Killer Queen has already touched that stinger!
  14. YuriDoggo

    Do you prefer instrumental or sung music? What type, i.e. rock, chorus, jazz, etc. and why?

    I like instrumental, but when I do listen to ones with lyrics, the lyrics are mostly in Japanese. I listen to a lot of genres with the exception of rock, metal. The various kinds of -steps and -cores don't really strike my fancy either with just a few exceptions.
  15. YuriDoggo

    Tag Implementation. State Here.

    Tag Implementation: Requested Tag: Sex Change Reason: There's the Gender Bender genre, but that's the general genre where someone does/undergoes something that does not fit their gender. There's Transgender, but there exists people who have not undergone SRS/GRS, as well as transgender people...
  16. YuriDoggo

    What's your million dollar idea/invention?

    A drone that sneakily hunts down anyone with a net worth of over <insert number> and then redistribute their wealth. Easily more than a million right there.
  17. YuriDoggo

    This one character

    Ah yes, Tusk from Cross Ange. Why are you calling me out like this.
  18. YuriDoggo

    A good Kingdom Building story.

    Flashbacks to the Banquet of the Kings from Fate/Zero.
  19. YuriDoggo

    What are your funny voicemails?

    All my voicemails are asking me if I want to renew my car's warranty.
  20. YuriDoggo

    Feedback Trade: Synopsis and First Chapter

    So what happened to doing the feedback trade? I gave feedback on your story, and now it's your turn, no?