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  1. Reyezwriting

    Webnovel wants to contract me so much that they'll even impersonate me, lol

    It all started a month ago, when Webnovel offered me a contract for my Smut Spin off. Why did my spin off received a contract before my main series? Who knows! (Sex sells *cough*) I just previewed the contract but never signed it. A week later they sent me another contract invitation, now for...
  2. Reyezwriting

    What the hell is

    Did you guys know about this site? Someone posted two of my series there. My main series and its spinoff. Wait.... no... I just checked, my three ongoing series. I'm not mad, because they credit me, and they don't remove the author's notes and announcements at the end of each chapters... But...
  3. Reyezwriting

    People that only read 1 chapter shouldn't be able to rate

    Just like in, only those who had read at least 3 or 5 chapters should be able to leave a rating. So I tested this on Lewd Poems by K5rakitan, and I was able to 1 star it without having read a single chapter. Doesn't that sound like bad design?
  4. Reyezwriting

    Enable the Insert Table function in The Glossary

    While adding stuff to my story's glossary, I noticed you can't add Tables there. What?! This is my Glossary. There are a lot of litRPG stories on this website, so am I the only one that wants to add a Status Window in each of my character's profiles? Where I can go into full detail about their...
  5. Reyezwriting

    Is my story correctly tagged? Martial Spirits, Soul Power?

    Hey, guys! I'm starting a new series! This one! But I have a question relating tags. The characters of my story can use spirit guardians to fight. Like Stands from Jojo's Bizzarred Adventure or Personas from... Persona. But mine are animals, and fight each other like in pokemon battles. So, is...
  6. Reyezwriting

    A fantasy anime-esque smut written by a female author?

    I have been thirsty for a good smut for a while now, but I would rather read something written by a woman. Why? Because I find it more alluring. I bet there's a lot of fanfic smut out there, but I would prefer an original, and if its something written in a and kind of a fantasy / animesque...