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  1. Mihou

    I drew I-E-M from my novel

    I never knew Systems were adorable characters nowadays. Tip: Use a image hosting service such as or instead of Google since it seems to hate being shown. Such a tsundere of a character! :blob_cookie:
  2. Mihou

    Filipinos, rise up.

    I expected something else inside this thread, but sure.
  3. Mihou

    What is that thing and how can I have it?

    Profile banner is maybe not messages, but reaction score, trophies or a message count less than 300 if I remember correctly considering how I have access to the feature while having 290 messages. (291 messages after this), but I've always had Profile Banner since its release on SHF though, so I...
  4. Mihou

    Favorite manga\manhwa\manhua in terms of art style.

    Hey, Mr Secret In terms of art style, I like "Hey, Mr Secret" a ton. It has a beautiful, fluffy romance with incredible and consistent art style throughout all the chapters. There are definitely a lot of scenes that really make you screenshot it for wallpapers. I am most impressed by how the...
  5. Mihou

    Glitch in review timestamp.

    This is most likely just because the review was posted 1 month ago but Tony had only accepted it today.
  6. Mihou

    Resolved number of view isn't changing

    The views, or statistics in general, on a series can update multiple times in a day for multiple reasons, and among them is rating yourself (applies even after you rated yourself), when someone rates yourself, or when the cache expires. This is because all the statistics are cached with...
  7. Mihou

    Mass-replace keyword from chapters.

    Idea I would like to suggest a feature that allows, us authors, to be able to mass-replace a keyword from our chapters from our dashboard. Purpose: This would allow us to fix something such as a miswritten name, or replace image links without having to spend an entire decade going through all...
  8. Mihou

    What are authors?

    I personally disagree with "we are gods to the worlds we create". I always think of myself as the spectator, viewing the life of someone who we know as the main character. I never felt that I created the worlds or the characters of the stories I've written, but then again, this simply how my...
  9. Mihou

    Implemented Random Novel

    It's recently added back on the 7th of September. Actually, the 5th of September. If you joined before those days then it's not weird that you don't know.
  10. Mihou

    Resolved What the…?

    Okay. I took my time to read this question ten times over and over, line by line but I still can't figure out what the **BUG** is on this thread? Do you mind going over the specifics over what kind of issue you are facing, how to reproduce this issue if you understood how and further details...
  11. Mihou

    What the hell is

    Thanks for making this thread, filed a DMCA request through both Cloudflare (which proxies the request to their host provider and the website owner) and also towards their *sussy* email. You can also file your own on Cloudflare via which will do the work for...
  12. Mihou

    Yuri novels or manga

    What kind of stories do you like, for reference to help give out recommendations? As I do not know what kind of stories you like, I will instead give out what I have read and really liked (this is 100% webtoons, mangas and no novels): Can't Defy The Lonely Girl. Futaribeya (Personal Favorite...
  13. Mihou

    Post novels that their covers made from Waifu labs

    According to WaifuLabs (Sizigi) discord, the images are CC BY-NC-ND which means Creative Commons Non Commercial No Deriatives:
  14. Mihou

    Author tiers

    Official response from Tony (this was pinned on Discord) This is only referring to readers, favorites has nothing to do with the titles that are given nor are viewers. It is completely dependent on readers.
  15. Mihou

    Author tiers

    The info is fully available on Discord (on the secret Author channel) which was pinned, I don't know if it was available on the site though.
  16. Mihou

    Resolved Title

    This thread lacks a ton of information that is needed for diagnostics, to assist, please answer the following: - What EXACTLY is wrong with the series name to the extent that you are calling it broken? - What is supposed to be there (expected result)? - Link to the series (as stated by tiaf)...
  17. Mihou

    ScribbleHub RSS Discord (Simplified) - Amelia, Lightweight.

    Hello, everyone! It's little cereal, Mihou back again with another one of these tomato creations! This time, I have something that will definitely simplify the lives of some non-technical authors or readers who wants to receive updates of theirs or another user's story on ScribbleHub. Unlike...
  18. Mihou

    Recommendations LF> Lesbian Romance or Harem Novel With a Focus on Yandere

    When did SP become Yuri Harem? 🤣 Check out my Liliful World if you want Yuri Harem :escape:
  19. Mihou


    Please note that the 'moderator' or 'mods' that the window for approval is referring to is neither the Forums or Discord moderators, right now there is no one else handling the approvals other than Tony who is the developer and webmaster of the site (leaving this here in case maybe you will try...
  20. Mihou

    Why can't I find some series on the search function?

    God's Song is not available because it is a translation. Translations are hidden by Tony because ScribbleHub is supposedly a 'legal' (if you exclude all the copyrighted photos all around the site) site for Original Stories, though Tony still somehow allows these stories to be viewed as long as...