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    Moons in novels

    It's worth noting that a planet without at least one large moon would have several issues that may or may not be relevant depending on whether your world is intelligently designed. 1. Minimal tides. There would still be some coming from the local star but not as much as a large moon would give...
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    I like my genre but you don’t

    At least you're not writing Sports; that genre only has 72 stories in it and said stories only average 4k pageviews. Full stats: Genre Number of Stories Average Pageviews Popularity Ratio* Action 6,103 29,919 0.22 Adult 1,975 50,362 1.04 Adventure 5,477 30,274 0.24 Boys Love 703...
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    If time was frozen for 24 hours, what would you do?

    Probably be really bored. Like, all the stuff I do for entertainment these days is electronic, and the electrons in the wires and the signals over the internet would all be frozen too. I couldn't just go rob a bank because authorities will be looking for anomalous large sums of money being...
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    Short Selling a Stock Explained

    It was interesting though 🤷‍♀️
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    Writing SH Tag Definitions. Genre Definitions (See Link).

    SH actually has integrated definitions for a lot of tags/genres these days.
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    Request for contest requirements to be harder!

    Totally agree. Even just saying "no LitRPGs" would go a long way.
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    Did you believe in Santa as a kid

    I knew full well that Santa wasn't real, but I never told my parents that because I was afraid I wouldn't get gifts if they knew I knew.
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    Can embed arbitrary images in comments

    It's possible for users to embed arbitrary images in comments. Here's a code snippet that I've verified works on my own user profile page (most of this was just copied from SH's code): function postComment (message) { var i = $("#authorid").val(); $(".profile_error_msg").text("")...
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    The Genre I Hate: Gender-Bender

    Since nobody has actually decided to be helpful so far: If you're looking for GB stories that are affirmational and where the change isn't just swept under the rug, you want the "Transgender" tag, and especially any stories with the trans pride flag (or a colour scheme suggestive of said flag)...
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    Why so few female-to-male gender benders?

    I forgot to mention this in my earlier post, but there's actually two distinct types of MtF GB (in general). There's the "this was written by a trans person" type and the "this was written by a straight man" type. I know a lot more about the former, but the latter shouldn't just be swept under...
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    Why so few female-to-male gender benders?

    I guess there are a few reasons. Demographics: 1. There are a lot more trans women on this site than trans men, and trans writers tend to write about things they can personally relate with. 2. Trans readers like reading affirming stuff. 3. The prevalence of Yuri vs Yaoi in general indicates...
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    There is no "Similar Series" section in some novels :(

    Some stories have a smaller number of similar series as well; I think the intended number is 4 but I've seen stories with only 2. My conjecture is that the new release time filter that was added recently is applied after the number of results are clamped instead of before.
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    How to write 1D characters

    Just give them a goatee, that's all the characterisation you need Also keep in mind that 1D characters can't go around each other since they're all stuck on the one line /s
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    Recommendations Any good fanfic novels?
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    Recommendations Non-Contemporary Girl's Love

    Giant Robot Reincarnation?! (Ongoing) Sci-fi isekai. Girl gets reincarnated as an AI core in a mecha body. Be aware that the GL tends to be interspersed with combat scenes. Don't read if you're afraid of insects. Two pairings: Reincarnated mecha girl and her pilot Mecha carrier spaceship AI...
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    Way to undo accidental change to the list of the chapters read?

    Go to your reading list. In the options bar near the settings button there should be a button with an icon of a circle with the top missing. Click that. You should now see the logs for that reading list.
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    A thread full of SALT

    Yeah, the trending algorithm seems to work based on spikes in views, not absolute count. If you go to the Statistics page of a story there's a graph of views over time, and for trending stories there tends to be a recent, large spike. Example image from today's trending...