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  1. feirut

    Can't think of a name? Try this.

    If you're worried about naming stuff like places, and character names, you can use this: Fantasy Name Generators The generator has a lot of stuff authors could use. It's very diverse and you can explore the generators they offer. They even have map creators if you're willing to take the time...
  2. feirut

    Resolved Image Overflow in Glossary

    Not really a huge deal, but I came across it anyway. Thing is, when the image is large, the content container for the glossary allows the image to overflow or exceed the container's view width
  3. feirut

    Announcement Section and In-chapter polls

    Aside from Details, Glossary, and Statistics tab for each series, I suggest adding an Announcements tab. The main reason is to keep the readers up-to-date on the status of the series without getting mixed up with the chapters. This way, whenever an author is met with a problem in real life...