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    What is your process when it comes to making illustration?

    So, I'm learning how to draw (or at least i want to) And by learning i mean watch people do speed art video on youtube (you know, to see their process). And after few different speed art channel. Now i can (hopefully) safely assume that different artist have different approach when it comes...
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    Do you ever feel bored toward this world?

    Truth to be told, I've promised to live a long and fulfilling life. Yet, often i think to myself "is this it after all?" "Is there nothing in this world that they can offer that will change me once again." So bit of context, i used to be a really hopeful innocent child. When everything is...
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    Do you know visual novel?

    So, as a fellow reader and or writer. Do you read or at least know some visual novel? First a bit of context for this post. Me as a reader, read a lot of visual novel. And i think "wow this is beyond impressive. How i tried this just now!?" So what about you guys? Sure not all of them...
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    How do you promote your story? Just curious

    Whops wrong thread. How to delete? Help me Edit, eyy some good person help me. Thanks again. The topic, So I noticed that sometime... F it i can't make it more obvious than that in title. So what do you think make one story have more view? (Or is it reader?) Than other. Like some...