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  1. peelsdeeni

    Do you guys always skip a certain song when it starts playing and never remove it, or am I just weird?

    I've been wondering this for a while now. I was texting a friend and this just came into the conversation somehow and she said that she just, idk, removes it??? I thought that was strange since I always just skip the song but never remove it.
  2. peelsdeeni

    How do you do layers?

    I'm trying to figure out how to do layers but I can't seem to get it. I just don't understand how the layers work. Can anyone explain it to?
  3. peelsdeeni

    Can anyone explain to me how to play D&D?

    I've been meaning to learn ho to play D&D for a long time but I just, uhh, didn't have the time(also procrastinated). I was looking at a few tutorials on YouTube but I just got more confused. i learned a little bit from JoCat's vids but it was mostly just memes. all I know is knowledge gained...
  4. peelsdeeni

    Sleeping tips

    I have school in like, 5 hours, and I can't sleep Usually I would just stay awake till I can't but that doesn't work here And I don't know if my new Maths teacher is chill or not Help
  5. peelsdeeni

    Recommendations Things to help one calm down

    Give me anything from anime, manga, or novels that help people just calm down from a stressful and anger-filled day no drama, no bullshit, just good 'ol happy things, no annoying-ass-privacy-invading siblings
  6. peelsdeeni

    Showers or baths

    Just popped up in a conversation with @DarkeReises Are you a shower person or a bath person?
  7. peelsdeeni

    Did you believe in Santa as a kid

    It had recently occurred to me as I was watching my brother get a brain freeze on ice cream that, when I was a kid, I never believed in Santa, and I just wanted to know if I was the only one who didn't have a childhood growing up didn't believe in Santa growing up.
  8. peelsdeeni

    Worst gifts to give someone

    What do you think are the worst gifts you can give someone. You can make it as cursed as possible. EX: "Today was a deaf kid's b-day! I gave him Airpods." or "My sister doesn't need chemotherapy anymore! I'll give her some shampoo to celebrate."
  9. peelsdeeni

    give me the fluffy

    i just finished reading a dark a$$ tragedy manga and now i need the fluffy idc if its bl or gl, just give me the fluffy, it doesn't have to be romance either, just, wholesome, wholesome vibes, pls
  10. peelsdeeni

    Childhood stories: trauma version(warning, talks a little about death and murder, no one was hurt except for a rabbit that was later food)

    I recently fished up this childhood trauma story from the depths of my brain(and because its trauma, I just happen to remember most of it, and any I don't I could just fill in the blanks by asking my parents cause they don't give two s**ts about my self proclaimed trauma), and I decided that...
  11. peelsdeeni

    Serious Mermaid Question

    So I was just scrolling through memes like a normal person right. And then I stumbled upon this post that asked, is the top part of a mermaid, fish, or read meat? Do they just like, blend, somewhere where the human meets fish? And I just sat there, on my bed, questioning everything that I've...
  12. peelsdeeni

    I've ran out of anime and I'm experiencing withdraw

    Please, give me anime. I'm even contemplating rewatching the entire Naruto or One Piece franchise. Hell, even Pokemon, and you know you need willpower to watch all of Pokemon, like, they have what? 20 some seasons with like literally 1500 episodes in total(not even counting movies). Dude, even...
  13. peelsdeeni

    Ever developed an emotional attachment to a tab?

    Has anyone ever had a tab that was open for so long yet you never used it, but its been there for so long that you actually develop an emotional attachment to it and can't close it? *laughs nervously* Ahaha, I totally don't have tabs over 3 months old still open because I got emotionally...
  14. peelsdeeni

    I Don't Know If It's Just Me But Please, Make It Easier To Get All The Tags I Want. Like Let Us Select Multiple Ones At A Time Or Something IDK

    Please. It's so hard trying to find and select all the tags I want. Why? BECAUSE IT ALWAYS RESETS.