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  1. skillet

    Recommendations Looking for Quality

    I can't really tell if you mean well-written as in perfect grammar or well-written as in well-written story, but: Fantasia! Well-written albeit slow-updating litrpg :) I will try my best to remain a mob character is also really fun.
  2. skillet

    Fill in the blank. "School is a place to_____"

    compose rap lyrics for a break up song during math class, no?
  3. skillet

    Tips for writing in first person

    Hello! :) Aplogies in advance, I am currently procrastinating so naturally this reply is going to be longer than necessary. :D ***Before anything else, I would seriously and strongly recommend reading as much of first person narrations as possible. Start with juvenile fiction books if need be...
  4. skillet

    Anybody here have a favorite character form their story that's not the protagonist?

    I have this character called Drew Zimmerman (aka Glitcherman) that is the most obnoxious, hated character in the original 'game' that the story is set in. He's just so! convenient! for comedy! and super silly, so he's like my favorite cameo character lol And no, he doesn't appear more...
  5. skillet

    Forgotten Title Collection of short stories of suburban America

    You might be better off trying to post this at the forum over at goodreads, but do you remember if it was illustrated/targeted for kids, or if it was for adults that you read as a kid? It might also be a flash fiction collection, though I don't think I've read that one before. If you could...
  6. skillet

    Recommendations Absolute Originals

    Ahem flexes English major muscles Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu is said to be the first psychological novel of the world. Edgar Allen Poe is considered to have written the first modern mystery. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is considered to be the first science fiction novel, and Castle of...
  7. skillet

    Recommendations Any novel/movie/anime with a witty as hell mc?

    yooo, this one is so good: If you lay a hand on my brother, you're all dead fmc, but it is by far one of the wittiest webtoons i've read-- though not sure how well translated it is (haha bilingual privileges) not sure if it might be your cup of tea, but give it a try regardless! :blobtaco:
  8. skillet

    Recommendations In need of an action fantasy with minimal echi

    uhhh Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint is super good (and also very famous ahah), and if you like(d) it, the same author's story has become webtoon-ified recently. It's apparently even more lore-heavy, and it's called The World After The End. You could probably find the translated novel for it...
  9. skillet

    Resolved Glitch in the comment section?

    Hello! (Is this where to report this??) Not sure if this is just a random glitch, but the comment section in my most recent chapter looks kinda strange...? (I also checked on my phone, and it appears similarly there!) edit: it looks like it was fixed!! Thank you sm!! :DD
  10. skillet

    Your Most Waited Upcoming Anime?

    Spy x Family!!! it's coming april 2022 :D also if silver spoon has a third season ever.......... though it sure looks unlikely ._.
  11. skillet

    What is your ultimate tags-combo in a story?

    shoujo representation here! :blobtaco: love interest falls in love first + smart protagonist + clever protagonist + smart couple + slow romance + protagonist loyal to love interest + devoted love interests + comedy/comedic undertone + kuudere anyone + side couple + an intriguing plot.... yum...
  12. skillet

    What would make someone drop a story?

    oh this reminds me! someone once commented that they were dropping my novel because they apparently got super invested in this one very minor character's arc and got really angry over him lol I'm not sure why because he really was a very minor character, but that was an interesting experience...
  13. skillet

    Overused Protagonist Powers

    True that! Meant it more like, emotional as a character trait, but I get what you're saying haha And thanks for the recs! will check them out :D
  14. skillet

    How many cliches does a thing need before it's cliche.

    I think a big part of what makes a cliche novel cliche is not so much the inclusion of the cliche but because it's so obvious there is no depth in the story OTHEr than the cliche. There are probably a lot of plot-wise "cliche" stuff out there that people don't call cliche as a whole because it...
  15. skillet

    Overused Protagonist Powers

    ohh?? oh no, now I have to give Berserk a try if its protagonist fits this description well lol
  16. skillet

    Overused Protagonist Powers

    Oh man, the summoning-- especially in the shoujo/female protagonist side of fantasy/isekai, there are SO many summoners ._. be it summoning the handsome devil, the OP magical spirit that hasn't made a contract with anyone for like centuries, the child version of the heroine making early contact...
  17. skillet

    Mages, Coups and Revolutions

    Theoretically speaking, why aren't WE constantly revolutionizing when we're dissatisfied with the government? There's also the fact that a lot of people fear the unknown more than they fear what they already have. Stick with the evils I know rather than brave risk of everything getting even...
  18. skillet

    appropriate word count for chapters and tips on how to switch naturally between first person to third person

    Tips for switching between first and third! First of all, DO NOT SWITCH ARBITRARILY between the two like every other paragraph/sentence. Do not. Your writing, above all else, should strive to be understandable, and arbitrary switches between POV are really hard to read. Easiest way to switch...
  19. skillet

    What's the worst negative you received (or read)?

    WAIT I thought I didn't have any negative comments but I suddenly remembered one from like back in 2016 when I was writing fanfiction. Dark times, obviously (lol) but anyhow I had to look it up, but word for word: "Humanity needs to stop stealing from Norse mythology. Also Greek mythology. This...
  20. skillet

    Writing What questions did you ask yourselves when you started writing?

    When I begin writing a new story, I usually already have a list of scenes I want to write, and then the question becomes "How do I write everything else so I can actually write these scenes in?" I also usually have an ending I have in mind, so then the rest of it just becomes "How can the...