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    How often do you use or see the word "geezer"?

    Sometimes, but pretty much only in the context of making a joke.
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    Does the mention of a god or afterlife reduces stakes in a story?(for you)

    Not at all. Death is death, the stakes are still there. I think it more depends on how the afterlife is communicated. Is it just a place people know lots about and pop into and communicate all the time? That will lower the stakes a bit. Is it a more vague realm where people know it exists but...
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    Writing How to Orc?

    Well I mean, by this logic, it's completely right to make orcs not just violent war-machines but give them a culture and things not related to war. After all, that's a well established trait of orcs in the fantasy genre. Just look at world of warcraft, or many of the D&D fan versions of orcs. If...
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    The Age Old Question

    Listen, at the end of the day, it's all better than putting peas on pizza.
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    Coolest weapon names

    Warhammer has some good ones: Ghal Maraz (the skullsplitter); the Sword of Khaine/Widowmaker; the runefangs which are magical swords of the Empire with names like Crow Feeder, Goblinbane, Troll Cleaver, Mother's Ruin or Grudge Settler; the Shield of Aeons; the blade of the Serpent's tongue; the...
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    Do you consider yourself a Niche Author?

    100%. I'm writing a work of non-fiction set in a fictional universe and that genre is pretty tiny. I can only think of three other examples of the top of my head: 1) The world of Ice & Fire, which was written as an in-universe encyclopedia by one of the maesters of the Citadel. 2) A story...
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    How many times you re-read chapter before posting

    Technically I just sit down to reread/rewrite it once (my first drafts are usually very bad so there's often a fair bit of rewriting involved) but during that time I usually reread individual passages more than once after having given them a first look over. So I only sit down for it once but it...
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    Ask me QUESTIONS!

    How did life come into being and develop?
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    There is no "Similar Series" section in some novels :(

    I got four. Which is ironic since none of them are similar to it at all xD I get why they're branded as similar though, there are definitely some shared tags. It does seem really weird for yours to not have any though.
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    Writing If you're non English speaker, do you write your stories in your mother language first?

    I never write anything in Dutch unless I absolutely have to, like for university papers. Thing is, I mostly read historical non-fiction (books and papers) and a majority of those are in English, and the remainder is split between French and Dutch. And in terms of fiction, I barely read regular...
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    A group name for "classic" fantasy races

    Perhaps I'll make the chimaeras a gamer joke ;P
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    How does it feel like looking at your past works

    I realise that wow, actually rereading my stories to edit out typos was the best decision I ever made
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    A group name for "classic" fantasy races

    In the setting I'm writing about, you have monster girls on the one hand, diametrically opposed to humans, elves, dwarfs and halflings. Since they're two broad factions I regularly need to have some way of referring to these factions in their entirety. That's easy with the monster girls, I just...
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    [Discuss] What's the difference between Wizard, Sorcerer, Magician, Magus, etc

    So, for most of this thread I honestly don't think it matters. Most of these words are somewhat mutually interchangeable, so I think attaching firm definitions isn't useful. You should just use the one that has connotations close to what you want to imply with the title in your fiction (or hey...
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    Is It Problematic Using Modern Names For Ancient Sites?

    I'd say go with historical names/era-appropriate fictional names for when you can't find one. What's the point of reading something in a historical setting if it's going to sound like the present, after all.
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    Random Question.

    I'm not Vietnamese obviously, so not sure, but I could think of three possible reasons: - France owned at least a part of Vietnam since 1885 (when they obtained North Vietnam as a colony) and the whole of Vietnam in 1887 and was having military interventions in the area quite a bit before that...
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    (Poll) Are humans inherently evil or good?

    Humans are a complicated mess of instincts, feelings, wants and thoughts. Some of them come naturally, others are taught to us by those around us. Whether a particular human's mix of all these elements is going to manifest itself more as good, or evil, will depend entirely on the combination of...
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    Modular Feedback system

    Honestly, this seems like the best solution to the whole thing, without really any downside. But I'm not sure it's the kind of thing that would get implemented soon, or at all. It's a lot of work for something other sites like this already aren't offering, and isn't really perceived as a need...
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    so what are the rules in regards to comments in chapters. just had what i assume is the author deleting a whole comment chain

    Meh. There's no reason why people shouldn't share their work just because they don't like hearing criticism. It's not like the author went around being angry about the criticism, they just deleted it. No harm done. We don't even know why they deleted OPs comment. The moment authors can police...
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    Why is the Romance Genre the Romance Genre

    Because humans are weird? First off it should be noted that a lot of the romance genre isn't like that at all. But as for stalking/harassment/abusive things... speaking as someone who's really into yandere fiction, I can at least give my reason. I'm already not the most attractive person irl...