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  1. Drakonus

    Isekai Sucks

    That's absolutely fucking based. The genre is so oversaturated nowadays that it fucking needs to to be shot on the head. However, it's pretty much the genre that sucks in the biggest amount of audience, so it just keeps on coming back like a cockroach. Not saying that all isekais are absolute...
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    Yes, I know. But asking for their permission was just a way for me to notify them. Plus, it's a double-check, in case they're really not fine with me using it. It's not like I asked for permission because I had to, I asked for permission because I wanted to.
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    But this one isn't without permission though. The author themself is fine with people using their art. I have seen other people using their art, and the author was fine with it because they were credited. Plus, their art that I'm using is actually a game fanart, so it's less big of a deal than...
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    It's not stealing if I credit them, and I can remove it if they ask me to do it. Besides, I have asked them by DMing them, but they didn't even reply. Plus, other people are also doing this, so it's fine. As long as I don't claim the art as my own, then it's fine. Nah, it's fine. If they ask me...
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    My story's cover came from DeviantArt, and I have already asked the artist if I can use their art or not. But since they didn't reply at all, I figured that I can just use it and then credit them for it. If they ask me to remove it, then I will remove it.
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    YouTube or Twitch?

    To prove your claims of course. Your impression of Twitch? Oh so that means that it was just an opinion, and not a fact? Thank you for clarifying then.
  7. Drakonus

    YouTube or Twitch?

    Zero. I don't watch big tiddy streamers. If I wanted to fap, I'd just go watch porn. Also, you still haven't brought up a single evidence to back up your claims. Damn, what a shame.
  8. Drakonus

    YouTube or Twitch?

    Nope, you're lying so hard. Most of Twitch streamers are male. If you're really sticking with that big tiddy streamer argument, then prove it by screenshooting the Twitch front page, the gaming category front page, as well as the top Twitch channels front page. Moreover, give me links of the...
  9. Drakonus

    What if your spouse was actually a conglomerate's son/daughter

    It depends. If they're a conglomerate's child, then that doesn't always mean that they're rich, it only means that their parents are rich. If they are rich themself, and were just hiding it from me, then I'd beat some sense into them.
  10. Drakonus

    YouTube or Twitch?

    They don't force it, what are you on about? You can literally go on Twitch and see that 95% of the front page is full of people playing games. Stop lying.
  11. Drakonus

    LoliGen: Age gap, loli, and even shota stories

    Mr. FBI, if you're seeing this, I swear I'm not involved.
  12. Drakonus

    YouTube or Twitch?

    It's been like that for years, and on YouTube as well. Thots are in every goddamn social media, you can't avoid them.
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    There are many of them here, just search them using the tags and then you can just sort by popularity. Also, recommendations should be posted on the "I'm looking for..." section, this one is for general talk.
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    I'm totally new to Scribble Hub

    Really? Holy shit, lemme join in then.
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    An unintentional coincidence...

    Shit, might as well post mine in webnovel too. Eh, let's do it, fuck it. Edit: Nvm, I don't know how to use Webnovel, and I'm too lazy to be on another site.
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    I'm totally new to Scribble Hub

    Dayum, you're desperate huh?
  17. Drakonus

    I'm totally new to Scribble Hub

    Welcome! I'm the local degenerate, by the way.
  18. Drakonus

    Writing pacing sentences

    Separate them into smaller sentences as much as possible and then put those smaller sentences into small paragraphs.
  19. Drakonus

    Recommendations Of the modern day variety!

    I mean, you can read mine if you want. Though it's still short on chapters. Mine is a blend of sci-fi and fantasy, but it focuses more on the sci-fi aspect.
  20. Drakonus

    Writing How to Orc?

    What about this: The orc gets isekai'd into our world and learns how to blend in. The orc can also use magic, but is too weak to use it and needs to train more. Oh and the orc can also make itself look like a normal human, but still keeps its strength. Moreover, some stupid people will mess with...