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  1. CarburetorThompson

    Computer Aided Degenerate

    Earlier today there was a thread about ai sites, and I also remember someone asking about if they should make character art if they can’t draw. I‘m not very good at digital art despite all my trying, but I can touch up photos. This is only a work in progress to show what you can do in an hour...
  2. CarburetorThompson

    What's Your Favorite Fish

    What is your favorite fish, and why if you feel so inclined? For me, it's the Remora. I think it looks cool and I also find it funny that evolution created a creature with the niche specialized ability to hitchhike and be lazy.
  3. CarburetorThompson

    Is it worth the hassle?

    After all the threads talking about other sites, I figured I would try uploading one of my stories to another site. However after waiting two days for approval it was rejected on the grounds that I was using copyrighted material for a cover photo. This is not the case. As I took precaution to...
  4. CarburetorThompson

    What is a Dungeon Core?

    Can someone explain to me what a dungeon core? Honestly have no idea. I thought I would have figured it out by myself now, but I still honestly have no idea. I know I could just read a dungeon core story, but I already have a list of things I want to get to reading and this is faster than that.
  5. CarburetorThompson

    What do you consider a strong character to be?

    I was thinking about this. Most of the weak to strong, strong mc stories you see have a character that is physically strong, or magically powerful. But personally, I'd consider a smart character to be strong if they use their intellect to their advantage, but would that just be a smart...
  6. CarburetorThompson

    Thoughts on Uncharted movie?

    Do you think it will be added to the list of mediocre to bad video game films?
  7. CarburetorThompson

    Writing Including an epilogue for a short story.

    I’m approaching the completion of a short story I’ve written. The story includes a bit of world building in the first part, but the story ends abruptly and an underlying conflict included in the world building never sees a conclusion. I’m torn because I like the idea of the abrupt ending with...
  8. CarburetorThompson

    The Bagel Question

    Bagel with butter, jam, or cream cheese? Personally, for me it's always cream cheese, unless it is French toast then it is butter.
  9. CarburetorThompson

    Unconventional Ideas for a Medieval Fantasy Setting

    One thing I tend to notice with medieval fantasy stories, not just of the web novel variety, but in general is that they usually have a lot of the same elements when it comes to the world. The thing often used to separate the story's world from others is usually the magic system or the monsters...
  10. CarburetorThompson

    Regarding Biographies

    Now I used the search feature to try and answer this question before posting this like the good little gold star boy scout forum user I am but still didn't come up with anything. I have several stories from family members and people I know that I've recorded. All people who've lived much more...