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    Ratings with stars on Scribblehub

    If it's shit, 0.5. If it's meh, 3. If I read a bunch without dropping, at least a 4. If it is compelling and well written and interesting, 5.
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    [for readers] what you consider a red flag when you're looking for a new story to read?

    One thing for me is when the summary explicitly says there isn't a harem or OP protagonist or whatever. Seems to me like the author is too focused on tropes or subverting them instead of whether the story is actually good, and if it was important to the story it would have been clear from the...
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    Anyone else Like Genderbender but dislike Futa?

    I'm in the I like futa but generally dislike gender bender camp. Anyways, yeah, I would not consider a story yuri if all or most of the smut involves futa. I totally get treating futa x female and female x female as different things. Not sure how I feel about genderbending the protagonist to a...
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    Every 'reborn as a nonhuman' webnovel

    Yeah, “monster” protagonists tend to fall into the same pitfalls where the author takes a “cliche” “good versus evil” plot and put the protagonist into the role of the evil side, but don’t actually make them evil or even morally fallible, but the author still wants to make good guys fight them...
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    Review ratings mean nothing

    I'd recommend go look at the review with the most likes, then look at the review with the most likes that is 3 or below stars. If the complaints in the low star review make sense to you and remind you of other fics you think are shit then consider skipping the story or at least lowering your...
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    novels shouldn't coddle you

    I regularly look for stories by searching by tags like "overpowered protagonist" and "harem". And you can't stop me. Funny thing is, I've experienced a lot of great stories about pain and suffering, but then again I'm not exactly expecting a lot of the stories here to be great.
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    That one tag you avoid.

    Yaoi, though that's more of a personal taste thing. Evil protagonist is definitely one I avoid, unless it's a smut thing where the protagonist does rape and mind control stuff. Either everything the "evil" protagonist does is morally justified and everyone else is just too stupid to realize...
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    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    I, too, dislike when novels try to make the MC some sort of loser with no special talents and nothing but hard work.
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    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    I'm annoyed at the good=stupid/naive trope. How about not pretending that smart good options don't exist in order to be an edgy contrarian.
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    Adventurer guilds in fantasy

    From what I understand, they're basically in between freelancers and people who need stuff done. Though sometimes they'll also have some sort of influence over the freelancers working for them, I guess because it's harder for people to get work without going through them, or because they have...
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    Your opinion on the Over Abundance of Isekai?

    A lot of them have pretty bland and lame protagonists. Other than that, they're just fantasy stories, though perhaps stories that just so happen to be lazy in terms of blindly copying tropes from others stories of the same genre.
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    Long living Elves don’t make sense to me

    I think they were referring to power scaling, with how in stuff like shonen or power fantasy stuff there is no limit to how powerful someone can get, so the difference between a mook and an OP person of the same age is that the mook is slower at power growth rather than missing some sort of...
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    Why do some people give low ratings even though they haven’t read your story yet?

    How are we determining how many chapters a reader has read? Because when I look at the number of chapters read under Statistics, it only depends on which chapter I clicked the check mark on, and I don't see the point in check marking a chapter if I'm not going to come back to the story later.
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    Do you care about story ratings

    If enough ratings are given, I find it generally indicative of writing quality, but not necessarily of how good the story is. A story with a 4.8 is probably better written than a story with a 4.2, but that doesn't mean I'll enjoy the 4.8 story or not enjoy the 4.2 story. On this site and RR...
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    Why do some people give low ratings even though they haven’t read your story yet?

    If I read 30 chapters of a story, I'm probably not going to rate it 1 stars, since if it was that bad I wouldn't have read 30 whole chapters of it. Dropping bad stories is a pretty useful skill. The less time is spent reading bad stories, the more time ends up being spent reading good stories.
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    Readers what kind of stories do you want to see?

    I’d like to see more MCs who primarily heal and buff. And of course, self-healing and self-buffing obviously don’t count and defeat the whole point.
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    What is with parents abusing children in stories to make them better?

    If the "training" is actually considered abuse by the story, I think it might not be what the OP was talking about.
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    What is with parents abusing children in stories to make them better?

    If the protagonist is ten years old in a fic about fighting, then either the author/target audience is ten yeas old, or the author doesn't understand what children or time-skips are.
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    What is with parents abusing children in stories to make them better?

    I think this thread is going on a tangent.