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  1. BVarnell89

    Smut Popular?

    Not even going into web novels, erotica (smut) makes up more than 65% of the current literature market. It's hugely popular, especially among women. With web novels, I feel like smut is even more popular because people can write all the esoteric/bizzare smutt they can't publish on websites like...
  2. BVarnell89

    Smut is banned

    I doubt this would happen. There are thousands of smut stories on this website. I'm pretty sure more than 50% of the stories are smut. Scribblehub would basically kill half their fanbase and their readers will change sites. It'll be just like the mass exodus of Tumblr when they banned porn.
  3. BVarnell89

    When you are reading an R18 novel and they refer to genitals as little brother and little sister.

    I did read a very bad novel that referred to a woman's cooter as her "drooling little sister." It was a cultivation novel, of course, so the man's cock was called his "dragon."
  4. BVarnell89

    Recommendations Web Novels you dislike!

    Not a fan of Dual Cultivation. The concept is interesting and it could have been good, but the prose were bland and the women were just cardboard cutouts with no purpose other than to have the MC's jizz fill every hole in their body. They never play a strong role in the actual story beyond being...
  5. BVarnell89

    Reading webnovels cause serious allergies, especially Chinese novels

    It's definitely rough sometimes... and yet the vast majority of what I read are either Japanese light novels or Chinese cultivation novels. I usually stick with stories that are more memorable and drop the ones that are too info-dumpy and have cardboard cutout characters. TBH, I usually read...
  6. BVarnell89

    How to write about the world

    There's a lot of different ways to do it. I recommend doing the following: 1. Use snappy dialogue between the characters. -Example: Have one of your characters tell a story that ties into the history of your world. 2. Describe the world as seen through the eyes of your protagonist. -Example...
  7. BVarnell89

    The typical [drought of a writer's motivation] cry for help

    Self-doubt is a natural part of writing that a lot of us struggle with. I write for a living and I still struggle with Imposter Syndrome. I'm always worried that my stories are actually crap and that I don't deserve the success I have. There is unfortunately no way to overcome this. Like most...
  8. BVarnell89

    How do you like your snu snu?

    I'm all about the snu snu. Give it to me.
  9. BVarnell89

    Recommendations Your works?

    Severing Time in Space for people who enjoyed stories like Battle Through the Heavens, Against the Gods, Wu Don Qian Kun, Martial Peak, and I Shall Seal the Heavens.
  10. BVarnell89

    Looking for story with Romance as a main theme

    I'll shamelessly plug my own story Severing Time & Space here. It's a harem cultivation novel with a very heavy focus on character growth and romantic developments rather than harem shenanigans.