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    WEBnovel bans web users from reading

    so they reached another level of stupid? Wow. I dropped them a while ago when they started preventing web users from getting the things to actually unlock chapters (free passes), and the pitiful amount of points they do give you can only be spent in the coin shop that's only available via the...
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    What is your favorite romance troupe?

    Favorite romance troupe? Cirque du Soleil maybe? I dunno, I don’t know many troupes, let alone romance ones
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    How would the body of a cultivator decompose?

    I've seen some novels have it where cultivators decompose normally, but the super tier ones can basically be immune to decay and always look like they just died a few minutes ago. Others have it where only the 'specially cultivated' parts stay intact through the passage of time, like hardened...
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    Writing Prompt De-escalating a conflict

    Oh, this one's easy. Here's one I see all the time. "I'll kill you! "No, I'll kill you!" *both are suddenly warped away from each other to different planets*
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    Idiot Plot or Realistic Plot

    Depends on the context-if idiot plot stuff is done purely for comedic effect and otherwise doesn’t drag the show/story down then it’s usually fine, but if it’s played for drama and isn’t supposed to be a tragedy, which I would avoid anyways because I don’t like tragedies, then it’s just...
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    What is it with “yuri” authors and not using the bisexual protagonist tag

    I’ll answer this since I’m in the same opinion as those disgruntled by it, though to a somewhat lesser degree. Obviously spoilers for that series
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    Help Ai-chan choose a title

    Honestly it's a gag name. I think something with "Cruel Core" or some variation is probably more useful/applicable
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    Help Ai-chan choose a title

    looking at those tags-Cruel Core(s), Cross-dressing Core, Betrayed Core, Continental Core/Continent Core, Creative Core Contract(s), Cruel Chain Core, Cruel Correlation, Cruel Score, Cruel Court of Cores. Any of those work/inspire ideas?
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    Why keep your illegitimate son alive then?

    Are you talking about the Bai Hao thing? Seemed to be a lot of Sunk Cost fallacy thing where the braindead 'father' decided he'd already screwed the pooch in regards to his bastard son, so he might as well keep screwing it and try assassinating him or bringing him down after his 'son's'...
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    Recommendations Looking for new and updated BxG QT

    I think QT is quick transmigration, but beyond that I have no idea what it's actually supposed to be about or reference trope/scenario wise
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    Writing Prompt I don't have to explain shit

    What do you mean you want an explanation for this nonsense? You clicked on this thread, I don’t have to explain a damn thing!
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    For those who use Patreon, be careful of this (obvious) loophole

    This kind of thing seems like it should be able to be reported for fraud or abuse of TOS, especially if there’s a repeat pattern from a single user. Note-this is just my opinion on the matter, not that it necessarily can be reported for fraud or abuse of TOS. Either way it’s a massive dickhead move
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    10 reasons why Orks > all

    Black magic and rule of cool/stupid. Orks literally run on rule of cool and have passive reality warping psychic gestalt powers that get stronger there more of them there are-if they're driving a car trukk and it runs out of gas, but one of them says he filled it with gas before they left and...
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    What is your favorite Cartoon of all time

    Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes
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    The most despicable deity?

    Aside from the aforementioned most of the Greek gods being dickheads, some of the Aztec and other Mesoamerican deities (that I have great difficulty pronouncing, let alone spelling) I've heard about are pretty messed up, though I freely admit I'm not very familiar with many African or Asian...
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    What is Wuxia/Xiania and Cultivatio?

    If I remember right Xianxia was supposed to mean something like immortal hero or something similar to that. A Chinese version of high fantasy and seeking immortality through various means, often with a large focus on personal enlightenment and understanding the universe, sometimes drawing...
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    National Stereotypes

    I think I could be considered a wine and beer loving schmuck that wears a feathery headdress while reading the bible. Oh, right, the wine loving part also compulsively apologizes
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    National Stereotypes

    Oh, a mitten dwelling Michigander?
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    What's your opinion on this kind of time loop in a story?

    Not sure if this is the same concept of what you're talking about, but there are also some games that have a time loop type thing you have to play though. Like-run 1 is bad ending, then game loops to run 2 where maybe they try things differently and different things happen (sometimes for no...
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    Writing How to start writing a Fairytale?

    How to start a fairy tale? Once upon a time there was a happily ever after. The end. more seriously-some good tips already mentioned in the thread, and it depends on what you’re hoping to frame the story as. Is it a cautionary fairy tale? A children’s bedtime story? A screwed up horror story...