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  1. Ritz

    10 reasons why Orks > all

  2. Ritz

    Why do I feel like the more descriptive the story, the harder it is to visualize?

    Unless you can't read and visualize at the same time, and not use too much mental power in the process, it won't do its magic.
  3. Ritz

    What SH story acc. to you has the best writing? (not content but the proses)

    Also, are there any writers here in SH that write in poetic proses?
  4. Ritz

    Are you ever in the Zone?

    You mean have I been on psychedelics?
  5. Ritz

    Who is your sugar customer?

    love me mum best customer simple as
  6. Ritz

    Decline in moral standards in web novels

    Are you sure you're getting the definition of moral right? Do you simply mean that the novels nowadays lack the content it used to have for you?
  7. Ritz

    14th of feb valentines diss

    sorry, was busy having sex what were you saying again?
  8. Ritz

    Name for an adventurers guild

    Heh-heh, cum
  9. Ritz

    I Suck at Writing Synopsis

    Simply pick up and read a style book.
  10. Ritz

    Unconventional Ideas for a Medieval Fantasy Setting

    IBM computers are an interesting addition to more advanced fantasy settings.
  11. Ritz

    Anybody got Inner Monologue?

    How do you cogitate on complicated matter without thinking them in words? Also to answer your question I think in english 24/7 basically.
  12. Ritz

    Is too much worldbuilding bad ?

    depends, depends, and depends. Just be aware of the time and don't present too much lore at once, and you should do ok, but that depends :c
  13. Ritz

    Favorite Non Isekai Manga?

    Aku no Kyouten
  14. Ritz

    Recommend me a book or an author that has the best writing style.

    If its writing style to emulate then I'd have to pick The Columbian Orator. Its a collection of political essays, poems, and dialogues collected and written by Caleb Bingham; and included speeches of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and some imagined speeches by historical figures such as...
  15. Ritz

    Regarding absurd comedy

    Adding nothing to this conversation but this is what I think of when I hear absurdist comedy
  16. Ritz

    It's a rant

    I have noticed that you rant, alot.
  17. Ritz

    Tell Me Your Best or Should I Say Worst Torture Methods

    Heard that the cartel psychologically tortures their victims by acting as if they're going to kill them but then stopping at the last second; sometimes they do this 50 times until the victims finally break. They kill them after they're done of course, and I remember the cartel chainsaw beheading...
  18. Ritz

    The illusion of choices

    I love me more
  19. Ritz

    What shall be the name of the -xxx-

    Sorry but I can't disclose state-secrets. It's already hard enough to come up with creative names for my own.
  20. Ritz

    Harem or No Harem Team?

    I think you posted this twice so you should delete one of them.