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  1. RockiesRetriever

    I finished my story!

    Eh, writing longer stories just takes practice, and some planning out plot wise.
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    I finished my story!

    Thank you! I appreciate it.
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    I finished my story!

    Well, if you look at most trad published books, they usually average around 2500 - 3500 words a chapter. 50k words is often listed as "technically" novel length, but personally to me 100k is when it really becomes the length of the typical novel you'd pick up at a bookstore.
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    I finished my story!

    Today I finished posting my story Dog Boy to scribblehub. Some stats: 53 chapters approx. 447 pages (if it were a paperback book) 123,341 words 14,200+ views on Wattpad, 4,795 on scribblehub, and 3,351 on royal road.
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    Map creation

    There are a lot of videos on youtube on making fantasy maps. Simply searching that in youtube will probably help get you started. This series specifically is a good starting point: If you want help on making a realistic fantasy map, where the geography makes sense, I recommend the channel...
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    Stolen content from ScribbleHub being published on Kindle without permission

    This is one of the reasons why in the long run I'm pursuing traditional publishing. Yes someone is always going to pirate your stories and stuff like that, but it isn't like if I was a published author someone could easily get away with putting up a copy of my story on audible or something.
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    Why are western novels so elegant?

    I would say that it is simply a difference of culture and what you were raised reading. I really love all the western novels I read, but have a very hard time reading light novels. Even when they're in English, it feels like I'm trying to read a completely different language. There are...
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    Without taking a test, what do you think your current IQ is?

    Lol I unfortunately can't answer this really blindly, took a psychology test this year, and I believe i was something like 111 - so more than the average, but nothing particularly amazing. I feel nice and comfortable there, where I feel like I'm smart enough for it to be useful but not so smart...
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    Tips thread for all authors (that want popularity) so they stop asking

    Lol I'm not sure what you mean. I spent a bunch of time drawing my cover, and people on other sites have said that they liked it, and the people here on the forums trashed it, saying it looked kinda bad in general, that my title and description were boring, etc, etc. I don't personally care that...
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    Tips thread for all authors (that want popularity) so they stop asking

    I've just kind of decided that i am a traditionalist. I'm writing stories that are not even slightly related to anime or isekai, and I find using light-novel style titles and giving into smut to be rather unseemly. I know I'm taking a major hit in potential readership, but I don't particularly...
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    Tips thread for all authors (that want popularity) so they stop asking

    Well this was all stuff I already knew. (and some of which I have chosen to disregard).
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    comic I made today

    Lol am already.
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    How to get readers fast

    Post on Wattpad lol Scribblehub: 3093 views since August Wattpad: 6700 views since August
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    What Have you gain here ?

    I really only continue to upload here as a courtesy to the several readers I have here. I started uploading on Wattpad and Scribblehub at the same time, and Wattpad has 6336 views, while scribblehub has a paltry 2582 views, and Wattpad has always had far better engagement in terms of votes and...
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    A soft shade of blue. ▮ I like blue because it encompasses a lot of different colors in nature, its easier on the eyes, and I just in general like feeling of a bunch of cool colors together.
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    Mercy or Vengeance

    I differentiate revenge - a rabid desire to "get even" with someone, with justice, someone getting consequences deserving their actions. If we think of a system that prioritizes justice, imagine perhaps, that it was impossible to commit a crime and get away with it - people would get exactly...
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    What's the best update time?

    Specifically in terms of time of day. I upload every Tuesday and Saturday, but I don't have much rhyme or reason to what time of day I update. Any suggestions? Are there other days that would be better?
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    This is you guys

    I do not understand the nature of this thread.
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    A little hell

    What specifically do you need help with? I run a discord server, so I could perhaps provide some advice.
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    The Witcher Writers Hate the Source

    It really annoys me that with these big projects they allow people who don't really care about the source material, plus are lacking in other qualifications to run things. Like that whole Rings of Power mess of show, run by two people who had never had a released project. I know the answer is...